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Default What we are doing!!

This year, we actually have a solid financial plan- or well, the beginnings of one! This year we plan on getting our financial ducks in a row, and hopefully buying a new to us house. (I have to add that we have also looked at building since around here it seems like the price is about the same).

We had 2 "small" cc bills (just a few thousand each). When I tried to transfer the one that's going to run out of 0% interest and couldn't (it's in dh's name and although i'm a cardholder, they wouldn't let me transfer it myself, and we're too lazy to wait for dh to get an offer), i just took the money out of savings and paid it off.
For the other one, we are going to get a nice tax return, and i hope to pay almost all of it off with that.

Then the plan is to pay back our savings from the money we used during my maternity leave and to pay off the cc. Also, we are going to start making double payments to dh's car so that we can get that thing paid off. It was a lease that we bought out, so we have a 5 year loan on a car that will be 8 years old when we pay it off that this rate.

We made a budget! We're going on a vacation that we're actually going to save for and pay for with "real" money! We also plan on upping our dependents so we don't get that huge refund, and putting that money in savings as well.

We got rid of the cleaning lady AND we cut off the cable! All of it! Like we have no tv now! We did it right before the new year, and I've adapted pretty well to it. We told the kids if they wanted to go to florida, that one thing that would really help was turning off the cable, and we had a family vote. 3-1, cable turned off. FWIW, **I** was the "1"! I was really nervous about it but really it has been fine! It's been a challenge for sure, but so far, so good. I can't wait until we feel like we're caught up enough that we can get those 2 things back though! I really, really, REALLY am going to miss the cleaners. REALLY! I am not good at cleaning at all whatsoever.

We also stopped buying the kids crap. They get a hefty allowance now, of $10 a week. They have to put $3 in savings. But, we don't feel obligated now to buy them toys or other stuff. We told them that they need to save their money for that stuff, as well as when we go places-- if we go to the movies, we will pay their way in but they can buy junk they want there. It sounds like a lot but honestly we were spending more on crap they wanted and begged for.

I've also started selling stuff on e-bay. I sold my maternity clothes and some of the kids clothes and shockingly, I made $150 or so. It was so nice today when I bought Matthew's birthday presents, to not have to worry where that money was gonna come from!

DH has also started driving the Amish around. Well, not really around, but to and from work. He has to pass by many of their houses to get there, so he picks them up. They pay him $5/day, or $20/week if there are more than 1. So he makes about $50ish a week doing it.

Being on a diet and a spending freeze is kinda like what I imagine coming off crack would be. (Ok, not really, but it is hard!)

Sorry this is so long, but i wanted to share. I'm proud of all the hard work and sacrifice we're doing to getourselves turned around and on the right track. I'm so thankful that we didn't get ourselves in "real" trouble before getting things all under control.
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That sounds like a great plan!!! I'm so glad you aren't willing to go the same way we did -- it's so much uglier to dig out of than what you are doing and so much better for your marriage!!!

Keep it up and good luck without the cleaning person! I hope the boys are helping with all the cleanup as part of their allowance!
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That is very exciting that you have a plan! Good for you selling the ebay stuff. I am glad that the whole family is on board with it too.
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