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Going to try harder... Print Version

Payday1989 06-28-12 02:03 PM

Going to try harder...
I have used coupons in the past, but I am really going to put my foot down on this and save myself some money! I am going grocery shopping on the 6th of July, my goal is to save $40! Do you think I could do it?! I want to save more, but I do not want to disappoint myself.

Dopey406 06-28-12 02:29 PM

Oh, most certainly! When you start looking at coupons as money (the same as paper money!), you'll use them! :)

Payday1989 06-28-12 07:38 PM

Yes, you most certainly do! I will let you all know if I reach my goal!

MrsS1stbaby 06-28-12 09:32 PM

I clip copupons and have a little accordian folder for them. And last night's trip to Target I had $5.50 worth of coupons. That I remembered to bring with me. But FORGOT to hand to the cashier! UGH!

MollysMommy 06-29-12 10:37 AM

Good luck, you can do it! Coupons are the BEST!!! Keeping money IN your wallet :)