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Did you join major brands' mom clubs? Print Version

SoccerPlayerMom 07-19-12 08:12 PM

Did you join major brands' mom clubs?
I keep hearing a lot of major brands and magazines have mom clubs and offer freebies but I feel a little apprehensive because I don't want to receive lots of spam. How's your experience with these kind of promotions?

trismama12 07-28-12 10:29 AM

I've joined the Pampers club and I'll tell you how it goes. But I've been terrified to try to join others for the same reason.

SoccerPlayerMom 07-29-12 10:43 AM

Ok thanks. I think I'll join one too, Nestle has a pretty nice welcome package, I might do that.

trismama12 07-30-12 12:55 PM

Welcome package, eh.....Well to nestle I go.

2babygirls 07-30-12 01:31 PM

I have 2 email addresses. One I use for ordering online and signing up for freebies.