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Do I REALLY need a diaper bag? Print Version

SoccerPlayerMom 07-19-12 08:17 PM

Do I REALLY need a diaper bag?
I have lots of backpacks and large multifunctional bags. But I keep seeing the "diaper bags" as a must-have item on most baby checklists. Do I really need to buy one of these or is it a frivilous purchase?

MrsS1stbaby 07-31-12 11:38 AM

If you already have a multi-purpose back that will work, you may not need a "diaper" bag. I have a Thirty-One diaper bag that I received as a gift and while I love it, we no longer use it that much. (it also doesn't close so if I bent over to pick up something, stuff would spill out!) In the beginning a diaper bag is great b/c when you are away when they are small you never know what you may need, so you end up packing a lot and having lots of room and pockets for bottles, tissues, diaper ointment, toys, pacifiers, and all your stuff (wallet, glases, etc) is really nice. But as they get older you end up not packing as much. We have a smaller diaper bag that acts as a diaper bag & my purse when we go out to eat, shopping, and such. After diapers are done, you have to downsize again, or just use a small diaper bag for a change of clothes/underwear (during the training stages), sippy cups, and snacks. But when we go to the zoo, beach, park, I transfer it all to a backpack so I have both hands free and don't have to lug around a bag on my sholuder. And can fit extra snack/drinks for the older child too, along with the camera.

I have a 4 year old and if just me and her are going somewhere quick, it is so nice to actually use my purse and not have to grab an extra bag, lol! But for longer things, I usually still use my lunch pack from work to put her sippy cup and snack to keep it cold. (the drink, not the snack) Although I can also just buy her something in the event I forgot or didn't feel like bringing something. (or aren't allowed, depending on where we are going)

trismama12 07-31-12 12:57 PM

^^Agreed. I needed a diaper bag because I never carry a purse or bags. But if you have a bag already, just use that one.

MollysMommy 07-31-12 01:34 PM

totally true, If you have a multipurpose bag it can be used just the same and you can save the money from a diaper bag to spend on diapers! lol, because you will go through those like drinking a can of soda. they go fast!! I guess it's really just what you prefer to use :)

Dopey406 07-31-12 03:37 PM

I like a small diaper bag when they're little and it works up through toddlerhood. There are simply a few too many things that I need to carry for a little guy/gal than I care to carry in a purse. I throw my wallet into the diaper bag and that's all I need.