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Lighthouse anyone? Print Version

Daniela Traviss 12-26-14 02:22 AM

Lighthouse anyone?
My grandmother recently died and left some properties to my mother. One of it is an land with an old lighthouse. I understand that this is bought but only used for painting sessions. The question is, Will we be able to sell it despite that it is not been used? I would rather have it sold by my mom than to leave it sitting there.

Shalanda Manfre 01-05-15 11:33 AM

You will definitely be able to sell the land. I believe that some people find lighthouses stunning and fascinating.

Daniela Traviss 01-05-15 07:44 PM

Yes, you are correct that the lighthouse is stunning but it requires a lot of effort and money to maintain it. I have been actually in contact with a broker and she suggest to place an ad instead since not so many are lighthouse enthusiast. She will be placing an ad in a
as soon as the paper works are done.