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  • Soccer1979 09-16-17 | 11:40 PM
  • Hello fellow dad's,

    So I have a 4 year old daughter and lets just say, what I envisioned as having daddy's little girl isn't really panning out the way I thought. She is very hot and cold. One minute it's I love you daddy and the next it's get away from me. She will ask a question to both her mother and I. I answer it and she says no only mommy answers it. I am always wanting to get involved and be an awesome dad. I always envisioned my daughter running to me when I get in from work, nope. That happens once in a blue moon. I walk in make a big deal about seeing her and ask her how was her day and nothing. I am always , trying to play, have fun, go for bike rides, the park, pool. You name it I like to try and have as much fun and get on her level as much as possible, however, I get shunned more often than not. Sometimes she is just down right nasty. I do not talk to her mom that way. If we feel we are going to have an argument or something to talk about, we do it behind closed doors. The thing that gets me is when grandpa is around she runs to him and she lights up every time. I am at a loss right now. Has anyone ever experienced this and wth is going on?