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Just for fun...

Just for fun...

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  • DEE DEE's Avatar 07-18-06 | 04:26 PM
  • Quote de Valleygirl
    Since Dh does most of his reading in the bathroom, he uses tp for his book mark
    I have to admit that I'm currently using a piece of TP as a bookmark in one of my books!!!!!

    Normally if I'm home I use a bookmark or a piece of paper. If I'm in the car or I'm to lazy to get up I'll dogear if it's my book or just turn the book upside down but open on a table.
  • twinkletoes twinkletoes's Avatar 07-18-06 | 10:02 PM
  • Just a good ol' fashion bookmark here. If one is not handy then any piece of paper will do.

    If it's a library book I'll use the return date slip. That way I'm reminded when the book has to go back.
  • dhortonh dhortonh's Avatar 07-19-06 | 02:04 AM
  • I too use bookmarks or the library return slip.
  • Spencersmom Spencersmom's Avatar 07-19-06 | 08:36 AM
  • Too funny about the TP! I use freebie bookmarks from the library, I always grab a bunch and they soon dissapear like socks in a dryer...where do they go I also use my library ckeckout slip and frequently magazine subscription inserts, you know, the ones that fall out every time you flip through a mag?
  • BnBMommy BnBMommy's Avatar 07-19-06 | 10:34 AM
  • I have a bunch of bookmarks that I have made, and I seem to alternate between them...