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Default Quiet here...

Anybody read or see anything worth talking about?

I'll just ramble on a bit...

I think I'm getting suckered into taking Rachel to see Red Riding Hood on Fri. Seems she made plans with friends and I'm the only parent available. I wouldn't mind seeing it but I've been trying to convince her to wait until it comes to the $1 theater.

I finished The Divide by Nicholas Evans. I really love his writing. I'll probably read The Horse Whisperer (again) next. Or not since I know it will make me cry. Maybe I'll pick up one of Rachel's books instead...there isn't usually anything too deep in YA books.

Rachel loves NCIS and has it set to record on the DVR. She got me hooked so I'm not reading as much as usual. But I've been getting my crossstich done while watching TV.

I've noticed that different formats of books have different # of pages. I was curious so I looked it up on Amazon and the last book I read is about 100 pgs different in paperback vs hardback. Not sure if that really matters in the challenge though since we've all got goals in the 1000's.

I'm still loving American Idol but I wish it wasn't going to take another 9wks or whatever to finish! I don't see how the contestants can stand the suspense! Today's show should be great - they are supposed to sing songs from the 80's (my kind of music! ) We usually wait until Fri to see the week's shows though since my kids are in bed at 8:30.

Anybody else have anything interesting (or not ) to say?

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Well, I am doing my best to finish True Grit by the weekend. I got a good start but put it down and haven't picked it up seriously.

Dh and I start school next week and have orientation tomorrow, so I'll have lots of school books to read.

I have taken an interest in Dancing with the Stars again and like a few of the contestants quite alot. I boycotted the results part last night though because I can't support Chris Brown even if he hadn't put his fist through a window and endangered innocent bystanders. I cannot abide an abuser in any shape or form.

I like NCIS but it's not appropriate for a 2 yo so I watch very intermittantly since I never remember to watch it on CBS.
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Hey Sharyn!

I have been busy too. Work is crazy. Tv shows are wrapping up for the season. We DVR everything and watch after DS is in bed. I read more in the summer.

I use Amazon for my page counts too. Just use the type (hardback vs paperback) that you actual read. Most hard back books are physically taller and wider than a smaller size paperback book so makes sense the page counts are different.
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Busy, Busy Bee here for me as well. Basketball season ended for Ana the same week Softball started. Im freezing my buns off every Tues & Thurs from 6-8pm for practices. My sister is due any day with her first baby so I have been spending a lot of time with her. I will give myself a pat on the back...Im hurrying to read my 10th book this month!!! Two of them I gave a 10 rating, and are worth checking out.
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