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Where is the strangest... Print Version

AmyW 08-18-04 01:50 PM

Where is the strangest...
place that you've ever read a book? :hscratch:

cdcarter 08-19-04 05:42 AM

I'll read anywhere, so this is hard for me. Especially if I really love the book. I've read paragraphs at a time at stop lights. I've taken most of the books into the bathroom wth me (and it isn't like I spend an eternity in there - just do what I need to do, wash hands, and leave). I have NOT read while having dinner with someone. My sister had an ex that used to so this.


AmyW 08-20-04 04:32 PM

I used to love reading in the bathtub when I was younger. I've dropped my share of books in the water and had to let them air out before I could finish them! :lol:

bjlmom 08-24-04 02:42 AM

Pacing in an airport with Ben strapped to my chest...trying to keep him chilled out!

AmyW 08-24-04 09:46 PM

Boy I bet that was tough. Did it work?