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Dopey406 05-14-12 03:56 PM

Once Upon A Time
Can I just say how much I LOVE this show???!!

I'm bummed that the season is over but I CAN'T WAIT to see what comes next. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show. The writing is incredible, the casting was SPOT ON, and I :heart: that Snow White and Prince Charming are a couple in real life. Melts my heart!

Anyone else digging this show?

Elizabeth 05-14-12 05:00 PM

Yes, me too! I didnt know they are a real couple. Lol cassi and hannah will love that! just like edward and bella. :grin:

lauralkemp 05-14-12 09:13 PM

I hope summer flys by for the next season. I am pretty bummed though that neither GCB nor Pan AM have been picked up. I really liked both of them and they would have been good replacements for Despearte Housewives(thank God thats over)

Dopey406 05-15-12 07:54 AM

Laura, you don't like Desperate Housewives? That was one of our favorite shows. We're kind of confused about what we'll watch on sunday nights now. :hscratch:

MrsS1stbaby 05-15-12 01:33 PM

Yes, can't you tell by my avatar? LOL! While I absolutely LOVE this show, I actually get really annoyed with some of the stuff that happens, but am hoping as the show stays on longer more will be explained and won't seem so far fetched. (not that fairy land characters living in Maine is realistic, lol) I love the finale though- was so great to see Belle and Rumple together, but sad that all he cares about still is power.

While I am sad that it is over, I'm also glad in a way because my summer addiction of Teen Wolf starts back up in a few weeks and it is also on Sunday nights. As well as River Monsters.