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X-Factor/America's Got Talent Print Version

raabta01 05-15-12 12:05 PM

X-Factor/America's Got Talent
X-Factor: Just saw today that the official judges are Simon, L.A., Brittney Speers, and Demi Lovato. Leslie and I were talking and we thin Brittney could be pretty interesting to watch but neither one of us really knows a lot about Demi other than she's very young, fomer Disney, and just got out of rehab? I don't know it was pretty good last year, but we're both pretty skeptical.

America's Got Talent: HOWARD STERN!!!!! I used to be a huge fan of Howard's but lost touch when he went to Sirius Radio. We watched the show last night and he was awesome as expected!

MrsS1stbaby 05-15-12 01:37 PM

We watch America's Got Talent in our house and we though Howard Stern was a great addition last night! And my goodness he is TALL!

Dopey406 05-15-12 03:36 PM

We've never watched either of those shows so I have no real input here but I think Howard Stern could get old REALLY quickly. I don't think he'll appeal much to the masses. :huh: I don't know. Who am I?

SoccerPlayerMom 07-22-12 02:26 PM

We really like the first weeks of America's Got Talent when it's actually funny and interesting but after the first couple of rounds of eliminations, it gets really cheesy. Even Howard Stern's cynicism can't save it.