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The Presence of Rachel Shaw Print Version

Elizabeth 05-23-12 10:35 AM

The Presence of Rachel Shaw
This is a new novel by my Grandmother, Olivia Hillis Wimbrow, I have read half so far and it's very good! Thought I would pass this along for those that love to read.


The Presence of Rachel Shaw

We all have this “Other Self” – another Being, a Conscience, a Soul – whom we speak to when we are alone. But will the “Other Self” find us the freedom to be or not to be?

In author Olivia Hillis Wimbrow’s stirring novel set in a time of World War II when values were not yet culturally challenged, you’ll witness how The Presence of Rachel Shaw makes or breaks her.

Meet the Shaw family of upper class professional, the Willoughbys of inherited wealth and privilege, and the blue-collar Housemans, who were all propelled by the same change the War brought upon them. Threaded through this page-turning driven mystery is an exciting and beautiful love story between the seminarian Wolf Jamieson and Rachel whose Presence will punish or save her.

The PRESENCE was Rachel’s Other self, her Mentor. When Rachel was fifteen she was raped by an Intern as she lay helpless on her hospital bed. Forced into an abortion to save the family’s reputation – Rachel watches her PRESENCE flee the scene with the aborted “unborn”. . Follow the story of this precocious child as she seeks the return of her PRESENCE.

Through Rachel’s eyes – witness how the upper-class Shaws of Ardenvohr and the blue collar Housemans meet the challenges of World War II.

Driven by a mystery throughout, Rachel’s story will grip your soul as she seeks the PRESENCE who punishes her for the murder of her rapist’s child. Her quest is resolved in a shocking conclusion.


Dopey406 05-23-12 05:06 PM

Wow, Liz! I didn't know your grandmother was an author! That's really cool and sounds like a great read. Thanks for sharing! :tup2:

MrsPook 05-24-12 01:41 PM

Very neat! :)