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Who has Netflix? Print Version

Elizabeth 06-05-12 02:34 PM

Who has Netflix?
HELP! We are running out of stuff to watch streaming, and are now moving to DVDs. What movies would you recommend?

raabta01 06-05-12 03:56 PM

I watch A LOT of movies, narrow down what types of stuff you like and I can help.

Dopey406 06-05-12 04:43 PM

We saw One For The Money last weekend and it was cute. Iron Lady was a good one, too. When it's out on DVD, Touchback is a GREAT movie.

What kinds of movies do you like?

Chickie 06-06-12 07:18 AM

I haven't tried Netflix, but I have often considered it when I start getting bored, especially now that the regular season is over and many summer shows haven't started. I am trying to be patient. A couple of the TNT show started last night and one on ABC.

lauralkemp 06-06-12 09:06 PM

We just signed up so haven't really gotten to deep into it yet.