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Dem Babies-Mariah and Nick's website Print Version

SoccerPlayerMom 07-22-12 02:29 PM

Dem Babies-Mariah and Nick's website
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have the cutest twins and they made this website to share their news and photos:

You have the check it out, it's too cute:)

MrsS1stbaby 07-22-12 11:54 PM

Those are some adorable pics! I wanted to BE Mariah Carey when I was younger and even though I hear about what a crazy diva she is, it is nice to see these family photos with her actually playing with and being with the babies. And it's great to see that they may live a luxrious life, but that she seems to have found happiness and some degree of normal life with Nick Cannon.

SoccerPlayerMom 07-23-12 11:28 PM

Lol that's sweet :))