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MollysMommy 10-24-12 12:45 PM

Halloween Time!

So Molly is 7 months old and I'm wanting to dress her up for Halloween. Not only that but I am going to take her by a church for trunk or treats the night before and then also (early evening) trick or treating on the night of [Halloween] in my grandmother's subdivision.

I KNOW she is too young for any candy, but it's her first Halloween, and i want to dress her up and 'Show her off' i suppose.

Have any of you done this too with your child's first Halloween as a baby? Or am i going 'too far' with the Holidays?


raabta01 10-24-12 01:51 PM

We dressed up all three of ours for thier first halloween.

Kaydence was a pumkin in a patch of real pumpkins in a wagon! Theron was a duck. Alicia was a "old time baby" (bonnet, etc.)

MollysMommy 10-24-12 01:54 PM

awww :) love that pumpkin idea! Creative!

MrsS1stbaby 10-26-12 11:57 AM

With our first, I did not see the point and she did not dress-up for Halloween or go trick or treating until she was 2 years old. Actually, she still has never actually been trick or treating- that 1st time was at the zoo, and last year we did a trunk or treat at a church. Since we were taking her to the trunk or treat, along with her new baby brother, I found an easy & cute way to include him, even though he was only 5 months old. She was a pumpkin, so I dressed him up as Linus, complete with a red & black striped onesie and blue blanket.

This year, my dd wants to be a clock. We were going to try and match her brother to her costume, but since he hates wearing things on his head and he currently has a boo-boo on his nose, we decided to make him a "UFC Championship Winner." He's got some gym shorts, a hoodie (could NOT find a rode for him!) and I am going to make a little "championship" belt. I was even going to use some eyeshadow to make it look like he has a black eye, lol!

MollysMommy 10-29-12 12:35 PM

I LOVE those ideas! I may not take her now because it's suppose to be really cold :/