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Christmas gifts... Print Version

MollysMommy 10-29-12 01:58 PM

Christmas gifts...
We are looking around for Christmas gifts for my daughter.
She will be 9 months old for Christmas and i was wondering
if anyone could help me out on which things to get her.
At 9 months old, what was your child's 'favorite' toy or toys that they really liked playing with.
For fun and educational.

I've been looking at this toy that's a V-tech sit to stand walker (a push toy)
I already have a walker for her that she sits in, should i get one of these too or really no sense?

MrsS1stbaby 10-29-12 09:45 PM

Oh, no, they LOVE the push toys! She may not use it real well for a couple of months, but trust me...they love to push things. Our son latched on to big sisters toy strollers, shopping cart...anything he could push around. Our dd loved her Fisher Price Baby's First Blocks and the Fisher Price My Pretty Little Learning Purse.

MollysMommy 10-29-12 09:51 PM

Awesome! Thank you so much!!
I'm writing it all down to make a list.

MollysMommy 10-30-12 10:07 AM

Do think a ball pit is safe for a 9 month old?

kimijoi 02-25-13 05:42 AM

Gift some games