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26 questions (borrowed)

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  • ~babydoll~ ~babydoll~'s Avatar 09-21-04 | 03:26 PM
  • I borrowed this from the CL board, thought it was fun!

    A - Act your age?
    B - Born on what day of the week?
    C - Chore you hate?
    D - Dad's name?
    E - Essential makeup item?
    F - Favorite actor?
    G - Gold or silver?
    H - Hometown?
    I - Instruments you play?
    J - Job title?
    K - Kids?
    L - Living arrangements?
    M - Mom's name?
    N - Number of houseplants you have?
    O - Overnight hospital stays?
    P - Phobia?
    Q - Quote you like?
    R - Regularly excercise?
    S - Siblings?
    T - Time you wake up?
    U - Unique habit?
    V - Vegetable you refuse to eat?
    W - Worst habit?
    X - X-rays you've had?
    Y - Yummy food you make?
    Z - Zodiac Sign
  • ~babydoll~ ~babydoll~'s Avatar 09-21-04 | 03:29 PM
  • A - Act your age? Since I was way too young to do so.
    B - Born on what day of the week? Wednesday's child
    C - Chore you hate? Cleaning the fridge, or the George Foreman mini-grill
    D - Dad's name? Raymond
    E - Essential makeup item? Vaseline Lip Therapy
    F - Favorite actor? I like Hugh Grant and George Clooney
    G - Gold or silver? Gold
    H - Hometown? Palm Beach County, Florida
    I - Instruments you play? I played piano as a kid, now I just sing
    J - Job title? Until 1/1/05, Early Learning Coach. After that, who knows?

    K - Kids? Not yet
    L - Living arrangements? With DH in our house
    M - Mom's name? Gislhaine. She's French
    N - Number of houseplants you have? 4
    O - Overnight hospital stays? Just one
    P - Phobia? Falling of the edges of things. I can't even hang my hands over the pier when we go because I'm sure my rings are going to slide off my fingers into the ocean

    Q - Quote you like? "A good deed never goes unpunished" - my dad. I still do good deeds, I'm just always waiting for the aftermath.
    R - Regularly excercise? I wish
    S - Siblings? One brother, 18 months younger
    T - Time you wake up? 6-6:30 Ugh.
    U - Unique habit? I "squeegee" myself off after a shower. Instead of getting out dripping wet, I wipe all the water off me with my hands.
    V - Vegetable you refuse to eat? Most
    W - Worst habit? Eating WAY too much garbage, and forgetting to take my Metformin.
    X - X-rays you've had? Neck and back, dental, right wrist.
    Y - Yummy food you make? Dreamy Cheesecake squares, Fast Fixin' Chocolate cake and baked barbeque chicken
    Z - Zodiac Sign Taurus
  • alicia67 alicia67's Avatar 09-21-04 | 04:48 PM
  • This is fun!

    A - Act your age? NO!
    B - Born on what day of the week? I think a Thursday
    C - Chore you hate? Mopping the floors
    D - Dad's name? Steve
    E - Essential makeup item? Foundation
    F - Favorite actor? Russell Crowe (yum!)
    G - Gold or silver? Silver
    H - Hometown? Elmer, NJ
    I - Instruments you play? Flute (but not very good anymore)
    J - Job title? Family Specialist II
    K - Kids? ZERO
    L - Living arrangements? DH and I share our small house with four indoor cats.
    M - Mom's name? Susan
    N - Number of houseplants you have? Zero at home- six at work
    O - Overnight hospital stays? Never
    P - Phobia? Spiders
    Q - Quote you like?
    R - Regularly excercise? Nope
    S - Siblings? One older sister, two younger half brothers
    T - Time you wake up? 5:30 on work days
    U - Unique habit? I chew more gum than anyone else in the world! I even fall asleep with it in my mouth sometimes!
    V - Vegetable you refuse to eat? Tomatoes
    W - Worst habit? drinking too much coffee
    X - X-rays you've had? Shoulder and mouth
    Y - Yummy food you make? Gooey double chocolate brownies
    Z - Zodiac Sign? Cancer
  • ~babydoll~ ~babydoll~'s Avatar 09-21-04 | 05:32 PM
  • Oooh, Alicia you're making me crave brownies!
  • Haylie Haylie's Avatar 09-21-04 | 06:42 PM
  • ..

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