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  • jjello 10-15-05 | 05:33 PM
  • Ugh gassy, yeah. I woke up feeling great and then took a nose dive around lunchtime - even though I did absolutely nothing! This recovery thing is fairly intense...

    How are you doing?

  • Missy M 10-16-05 | 11:08 AM
  • Julie...just think of the recovery as being good practice for when you become pg.
    You could be sick, gassy, have aches and pains, and sometimes they make an incision to pull it out
    I'd say you are ready.
  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 10-16-05 | 01:07 PM
  • You should feel good today though. Just keep popping those pills. I'm doing great. Is your dh back yet to wait on you hand and foot? Have him rub your shoulders. Tell him we said!! Leslie
  • jjello 10-16-05 | 02:52 PM
  • Today I am feeling so much better - OMG what a difference! Most of the discomfort is gone and I have a lot more mobility. Yesterday I was feeling very fragile and weepy. DH said could be an after-effect of the anesthesia and I think he might be right. But today I have rejoined the human race, hooray! One of my girlfriends has been stopping by a lot and DH is returning tomorrow night.

    Missy I am definitely thinking of this as practice! :-) I know it's not exactly the same but in a way I'm glad I went through this because I'll have a better idea of what to expect in general. I was almost a complete medical virgin, LOL. BTW, how are YOU feeling? I noticed in one of your posts you mentioned that pg is hard work.....

    Leslie I'm glad you're doing OK. Strange about your delivery date changing. I don't get it at all - since you know your date of conception, wouldn't the delivery date be straightforward? (Aside from going early, etc.) Obviously I have a LOT to learn!

  • Celia_M 10-16-05 | 07:01 PM
  • I'm SO glad you're feeling better today Julie! Was thinking about you earlier and hoping you were!
    IA with your dh that the weepiness could well be an after effect of the anaesthesia, I've had that everytime I've had a general. Also when you're recovering from any op, that's left you in pain, and with all the stress and anxiety leading up to it, it's only natural to need a good cry at somepoint imo. Don't forget to keep being kind to yourself for a while yet!!
    Indulge yourself in some chocolate
    I'm sure having a better idea of what to expect in general now will really help too.

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