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AF showed, I have a question, need input please

AF showed, I have a question, need input please

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  • Saira Saira's Avatar 08-04-06 | 04:10 PM
  • Lets try this again.... somewhere in cyberspace is the thread I just typed.

    Anyway, AFshowed yesterday and I was O.K. with that until I heard the results of my cd3 bw (done on cd2 cause cd3 is Sat.) Now I'm worried. Here are the #s:
    E - 32
    P - .0
    FSH - 10.4
    LH - 3.5

    the last time these were taken, was right after I came off bcp back in March. at that time the #s were:
    E - <25
    P - ?
    FSH - 14.3
    LH - 6.6

    The FSH is what has me worried. I asked the nurse what normal was and she said under 10. Then I said "so it's high" she said yes and then when I asked her what that meant she said "THAT WE DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME" and it was good we came in now and not next year.

    So now I'm all in a panic. What does she mean by that? Does she mean we've got a couple years left and we can still get pregnant or does she mean I've only got a few cycles before it's a lost cause? We didn't have this problem last time so I'm just freaking out a bit, and I'm really sorry cause I know I shouldn't be so whiney when others have it worse, I'm just confused and really need some input.

    If it helps any, cd 12 bw from last cycle was:
    E -93 ( I thought that was low)
    P - .6
    FSH - 7.6
    I had one follie somewhere around 18 and a bunch of tiny ones.

    Please, any info is greatly appreciated.
  • Spencersmom Spencersmom's Avatar 08-06-06 | 11:23 PM
  • Oh honey, I'm sorry I don't remember this answer but call your clinic back on Monday and ask for clarification, you chould be able to do that...some of the other gals around here remember FSH info for sure, I just remember it was "how many eggs in your basket" so to speak but not the tech details
    Try to keep calm honey till you find our what this means
  • Saira Saira's Avatar 08-07-06 | 03:23 PM
  • Thanks for the support and hugs. I really needed them.

    I'll be back at the Dr. in about a week for cd 12 b/w and u/s. I feel after those results I'll have a bit more piece of mind, or be talking directly to the Dr. I feel awkward about calling back just yet, besides my reg nurse is out of the office til next week anyway so I just feel better waiting even though I know I should call. I'm such a

    So far from these boards, I've gotten a great link which answered some questions, and got some good info from a fabulous lady who I hope gets bitten by the pg bug real soon. For now, I'm feeling a little better about it. We'll see what the next b/w holds I guess.