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Amanda (pearlgirlulm)

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  • Tracey and Neil Tracey and Neil's Avatar 02-04-09 | 05:45 PM
  • Amanda, I had my EC on the Weds and had the ET on the Friday. That was not good!! The combination of a full bladder, very sore ovaries and vagina, and the ultrasound transducer pressing down on my sore and swollen abdomen brought tears to my eyes!! My advice is time your pain meds so that you can take some Tynelol about 30 minutes before!! I didn't take anything and paid the price of pain!!

    I am doing well, thanks hon for asking. We're 18 weeks today! I am so blessed.
  • lbentow 02-06-09 | 03:22 PM
  • Amanda,

    when do you go back for the transfer? how are you feeling?

  • pearlgirlulm pearlgirlulm's Avatar 02-07-09 | 01:48 PM
  • This is Amanda's mom. She had her ET yesterday. We barely made it on time, because she has a very weak bladder. Her pre-procedure instructions told her to start drinking as soon as she left the house. Well, she lives an hour away. We had to stop 3 times, prior to getting there. She was in tears. This is a kid that we have always cut off the fluids when we go on vacation, because it goes right through her. She went two more times, while being pre-admitted. Then, she go on the table, and they had to let her get up and go some more. Do you believe she still had plenty in her bladder to do the procedure. I am sure she will appreciate me sharing that with you all. haha Anyway, when we go there, the embriologist came in and said that she had 1of a 7 cell, 2 of a 6 cell, and one 5 cell. The other five did not take off. So they wanted her permission to plant 4, instead of 3. I shouted out, "Go for it!" Before her and her husband even had a chance to discuss it. The embriologist said to me, "Good, ok, it will do better in her, than anywhere else." By this time Amanda, was laughing because she was left out of the decision for a few minutes. So finally her and Milton discuss it, and agreed to proceed with 4. Milton got to go back with her. Oh yeah, during the procedure the embriologist came out just happy and surprised saying, "The 7 cell divided into an 8 cell, just within the last hour." He said that he had never seen that before. Her doctore said, "it is in God's hands now. It always was." He was happy though, and everyone in the room, kept going on and on about how perfect it went. One more interesting thing the embriologist said. (By the way this guy is world re-knowned). He said that you truly never know. He said that he has seen text book perfect embryos that everything in place and perfect, not take. And he has had poor quality embryos that took off. So right now, Amanda is on bedrest for the 4 days, and I am waiting on her hand and foot. I won't let her get near a cell phone, microwave, or anything wireless, as I fear it will nuke the embryos. She is griping, but I say to her, "think about it...if it has enough power to make the tv or computer make funny electronic noises, what can that satellite feed do to developing cells. I am also pumping her full of fresh fruits, veggies, & whole grains, and tons of distilled water!! I think I am driving her crazy!
Thank you pearlgirlulm!
Tracey and Neil (02-07-09)
  • Tracey and Neil Tracey and Neil's Avatar 02-07-09 | 06:33 PM
  • Thanks for the update!!

    Wow!! 4 embryo's!! That's a whole lotta embryo's!! Over here (in the UK) that would never happen for someone Amanda's age. Under 40 year olds can only have a maximum of 2 embryo's implanted, and over 40 can only have 3. We have strict criteria to reduce the number of multiples born by IVF. So to hear she has 4 on board is a little frightening for me!!

    Like Amanda we were also told that embryo quality can have little bearing on success. We had 2 4-cell embryo's implanted 2 days after egg collection. One was 'good' quality the other was 'average'.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the electrical equipment, I can see why you'd worry, but I spent just over 2 weeks spending time at the computer and SMSing (they were my lifeline), and I am 18.5 weeks pregnant with our miracle (ask Amanda to tell you about it). I agree that spending all day could be considered to have more risk of being harmful, but 20 minutes to check email would be fine. It's important to reduce stress, as this can be harmful, and so if that means Amanda having some normality then this is very important.

    Well done for keeping Amanda on a healthy diet! The water is especially important as it can really help prevent OHSS. But it's important for Amanda to not be on complete total bed-rest. Encourage her to walk around the house a little, or get up for meals for example. Complete bed-rest, especially after her recent egg collection, could increase her risks of developing a DVT.

    Please give her a hug from me. Remind her that she is officially PUPO (Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise), tell her that I'm sending her lots of love and healthy embryo thoughts for her 2WW (2 Week Wait), and that I can't wait to catch up with her!!

    Much love to Amanda, Milton and to you Mum!!! Thank you again for the update!!
  • lbentow 02-07-09 | 09:14 PM
  • Amanda,

    When is your transfer? Do you know how many have fertilized? So many questions! I am really sore, too, right after the retrieval. I didn't want to go to the bathroom b/c it felt like my uterus would fall out.

    Let us know as soon as you find out anything from the doctors!


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