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Hey, I agree w/ Celia, wait til the 20 wk scan, they will do all the measuring and all at that point. That is when they found the spot on my babies heart, it was a soft marker for DS. I opted to have the amnio for peace of mind and yes after all that I have been thru I wanted to make sure she was fine, so that if I had to prepare myself I could. I am happy w/ the decision I made as when I went thru IVF I used my own eggs, not donor eggs so my eggs were older. 2 weeks later the results were normal and she is healthy w/ no signs of DS or spina bifida or I am able to enjoy the rest of the pregnancy knowing she is fine. I would do it again in a heartbeat, it is relatively painless and they scan you while they are putting the needle in. And you get to see your baby again, which was cool. I have a 43 yr old friend who has had 3 and another friend who has had 3 because the triple screens all came back false positives. But the final decision is yours. If there is nothing to worry about w/ the measurements I would not do it. And for IVF women the triple screen tends to be more accurate as you know the day you concieve vs women who conceive naturally it is a questimate. I hope this helps. I am confident all will be fine and you won't need one, but just wait to see what the scans say the drs. can tell alot from them. Also a friend of mine, her baby had the same spot on her babies heart but she did not have the amnio, she was much younger than me. Take care, good luck...keep us posted.
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Bonnie, I agree with alot of what has been said here. In my situation, I already knew that I had m/c due to Down Syndrome on 2 occasions (pathology reports from d&c). I also had m/c due to unknown reasons. When I became pg with the twins, I didn't want to do anything that would risk a m/c. I told my ob that I would only do an amnio (said no way to cvs at the start because that's riskier) if my numbers from the non-invasive tests came back askew. The first test was the nuchal translucency test. I thought the test would be inaccurate because I was carrying twins. The dr said that is not the case with that test. In addition to measuring the nuchal fold, they test your blood at the same time and the combination of these results gives you your odds for certain trisomies. While the odds may be 1 in 106 for having a child with Down Syndrome at your age, the number will go up or down based on the results of the nuchal. I had the same odds as you but my results from the nuchal came back at 1 in 3000. I based my decision not to have an amnio on those results. Since I was also high risk, I was having level II u/s every 4 weeks. I figured if there was a problem with one or both babies, it would have been detected at one of these scans. There is also the alphafeto protein test and triple screens which are also non-invasive.
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