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B.C. donor insemination question

B.C. donor insemination question

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  • shegeh 04-08-08 | 09:51 PM
  • Hi there,
    First time posting here. I live in Vancouver, Canada and I would like to know if there are people on this forum from B.C. as well who have had the insemination done at home. I'd like to know the costs involved and where the best place to oder is. I'm thinking of doing the home insemination instead of the clinic because I heard it might be cheaper. I'd appreciate your suggestions.

  • crazyanimallady 04-08-08 | 11:31 PM
  • welcome, I am not from BC but I did the home insemination last week.. I ordered through

    it cost me with the specimen and shipping and insemination kit $300.. ALOT cheaper then the clinic.. BUT you can only do ICI not IUI with the home insemination.. good luck and wishing you lots of baby dust
  • mrst3 04-09-08 | 11:28 AM
  • Just wanted to wish you luck with whatever route you go. I don't have any input on the actual costs as we went with a known donor and simply did fresh home inseminations. Nothing fancy. Just got a sample from our donor and DH basically did ICI using a pediatric medicine syringe. We were successful on our first try back in 2005. And we actually just tried again 2 weeks ago and I got a positive HPT yesterday! So, looks like we got lucky again!

    Best of luck. And warm baby thoughts headed your way.
  • shegeh 04-12-08 | 08:13 PM
  • Thanks crazyanimallady and mrst3 for your replies.Congratulations, mrst3 on your positive HPT, I sincerely hope everything works out well.Couple of questions: What tests if any did you have your donor take before... i.e. tests to make sure he was clean etc, but also for anything that could be passed on to the baby? Also how critical is it not to expose the sample to air...I'm just trying to think about how you'd get the sample into the syringe without exposing it to air. I'm sorry if my questions sound stupid, but I'm trying to figure out how to go about this and hopefully I'll be able to use a known donor instead of an anonymous one from the clinic. Thanks again.
  • mrst3 04-14-08 | 10:08 AM
  • Well, we actually didn't do any tests. Our known donor is a long time friend, married for 25+ years and they are about as trust worthy as someone could get. We knew there was nothing to worry about, so we chose not to pursue any testing. Of course, that's a chance we took and not all might feel comfortable with that. He did get a semen analysis done before we started just to make sure there weren't any issues with his swimmers. As for exposing the sample to air, as far as I know, it doesn't really matter. I remember when we did IVF years ago with DH's sperm, I asked our urologist how they store sperm samples and such before the procedure, and he said they just leave them sitting open out on the counter! So, donor simply gives a sample in a clean container and then we used an oral syringe to "inject" it as close to my cervix as possible. Hope that helps. I'm sure there are others here who might be able to tell you more. Unfortunately for us, our positive HPT last week was a bust. It was a chemical pregnancy and I started my period a couple days later. So, we'll be back trying again soon. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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