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Post Back again (m/c mentioned).

Hi Guys,

As you know I posted here briefly during my 1st IVF after many years on the Donor IUI board. We got a BFP but unfortunately after our 1st scan at 6 weeks detecting a heartbeat but a slightly behind embryo the 2nd scan at 8 weeks showed the baby had died and I had a D&C on the 1st of March.

So I am back we had our follow up at our clinic and it was some amazing news!!!!

First of all the fact I only got 4 eggs they said different people respond differently to meds and my eggs are great quality and 4 out of 4 they got fertilised but next time they will use the bigger dose of stims for the IVF.

The misscarriage was they believe just one of these things nothing we did just natures way.

Finally for trying again and here was the surprise...... We have 2 free IVF left on the NHS however due to the law change on donor sperm that all donors must agree to be identiyable when the child is 18 there is no donors coming forward. As of 1st April there will be no more donor sperm in th UK and my clinic say it will be up to 2 years before we can do DIVF again. We could import sperm from a country with id release sperm but takes 12 months a lot of paperwork and costs $1500 per cycle.

HOWEVER my clinic did retest my dh sperm not that long ago it is clinic policy to check dh sperm once a year in case things change and they are saying my husbands sperm is as follows.....

dh Total count 3.28 million
16% motility
8% normal morphology
His diagnosis is Primary Testicular Failure most likey as a result of very bad mumps as a child.
They also did genetic testing and it is perfect, they are saying that we should reconsider ICSI with dhs sperm for the next 2 IVF.

The reasons we went with donor sperm to start was very complicated but the long and short of it was we got 12 DIUIS then 3 DIVF free if we used donor but only 3 ICSI free with dh sperm no IUIs. We wanted to avoid IVF meds and such invasive treatment if simple natural donor iuis would work. Of course this is now a mute point we have had 12 Diuis and 1 DIVF with no baby and we are on the meds and invasive treatment we hoped to avoid so maybe the time is right for ICSI.

So me and dh have a decision to make to wait 2 years then have 2 more DIVF (with my age increasing and fertility decreasing in this time) Or we can have ICSI once I have had 2 AFs so about June and then ICSI again start of next year if 1st didnt work.

What do you guys think I kind of feel I should give dh this chance of a baby he is not so sure his mind was set on donor so this is a big change he fears his rubbish sperm will lower our chances of conceiving compared to donor sperm and we should make the most of the IVF by using the perfect sperm of a donor.

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I have heard many storys on DIUI's not working and then couples trying again with DH and concieveing!! I would go for it!!
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I think you know my story Ruth - Dh has rubbish spermies too, low count, low morphology and when they did the wash and swim tests not one made it to the top of the tube. When we did our icsi cycle I had 7 usuable eggs, 4 fertilised, and I have a beautiful daughter now. (I had a double implantation but no2 stopped growing at 6wks)
*IF* the 1st cycle with dh's spermies wasn't a success, you could always re-evaluate what you want to do with cycle no3. It sounds like it's worth a try. Do you want to hang about for another 2 years wondering what the outcome will be, or after everything you've been through, worse case scenario, be drawing a line under all the treatments - I think I saw that you were considering international adoption if the Ivf didn't work? It's such a personal decision, I hope you can come to a decision you and dh are both happy with and I wish you all the babydust and luck in the world when you do next cycle, whichever sperms you use
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Sorry about the last cycle, praying your stay here is short and that once again you're able to post a BFP.
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