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  • DanaSingle 12-11-06 | 02:18 AM
  • Hello!

    It's great to see some former cycle buddies ttc siblings! Wishing you quick success of course.

    I've been sitting on the fence for a year about ttc another DI child, but decided to see an RE at another clinic near me.

    He was rather nonchalant about my tx. (suggested NON-medicated DIUI using OPK for timing.) I said I wanted to use gonal f and an HCG shot for timing, as that is how I conceived my last child.

    The upshot was that I am feeling rather excited about the chance of another child (love mine to BITS!), so that answered my question about whether I wanted to do this or not. I was hoping to meet "Mr. Right', but..........

    The good news is that everything looks as good as it did three years ago and I still have a 5-10% chance per cycle of a live child. The thought of m/cing again make me anxious, but nothing I can do about preventing that.

    It looks like I will have my first injectible (gonal f) cycle around Feb 4th or so. Anyone else starting in the new year?

    Dana Single
    Angels Grace, Tessa and * * (2000-2003)
    dd 5 and dd 2
    ttc #3 Feb 07

    (PS Now there is no single parenting board---where are single parents posting?)

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  • Phalene Phalene's Avatar 12-11-06 | 11:31 AM
  • HI Dana! How exciting for you, I hope everything goes smoothly.
  • AMomInLove AMomInLove's Avatar 12-11-06 | 06:34 PM
  • Glad to see you back - hoping success finds you quickly this time round again!!!
  • glinda glinda's Avatar 12-11-06 | 10:41 PM
  • Hi Dana. I think it's great that you want another child. Don't think about the possibility of a m/c. Just focus on the prize.

    Alot of the boards were removed so there is no single parent board anymore. You can probably start a thread under the general parenting board and give a shout to all us single ladies.

    Nice to see you again
  • TNBabyRN TNBabyRN's Avatar 12-13-06 | 09:44 AM
  • Great to see you back!!! That is exciting you are going for #3. I know what you mean about being scared of another m/c but I agree with Glinda - keep your eye on the prize.

    Good luck - can't wait to hear about your next BFP!!