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Bonnie how are you?

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  • JessH 09-08-05 | 11:23 AM
  • hey girl,

    just checking in. i know your 2ww is almost over. how are you feeling. are you able to keep busy?
  • bonnie bonnie's Avatar 09-08-05 | 02:04 PM
  • Hi Jess, Many p. symptoms are still here so I am hopefull. The one that is killing me is this awful taste in my mouth...I've heard it can last the entire pregnancy-I would gladly endure to be pregnant

    I have to confess...I've done two, not one but TWO evil HPTs!! Both were negative probably bc I was so early taking them (or becasue I'm not pregnant)! I couldn't resist wasting my money I guess. My Doc told me that tonight would be the earliest detection...I'm not taking anymore.

    I've started to convince myself that even if I do get a BFP tomorrow, its really early and the US in a few weeks would be more real...I'll let you know how that works, so far it is making me more calm.

    My DH (I'm thininking about removing the "D") just informed me that he is leaving to go hunting tonight and will be back around noon tomorrow. His reasoning is that we won't know until afternoon anyway...I still think its pretty insensitive timing, but this is probably a good way for him to pass the time...
  • JagsAli JagsAli's Avatar 09-08-05 | 02:37 PM
  • Good luck tomorrow Bonnie, I will be thinking and praying for you. Sounds like you got some good signs though. I know about HPT, I am trying not to do one this time too, but it is hard. But I promised myself not to do one even though I want to know. I just don't get that...I mean you have a 7:30 am appt and don't get the results until 2 pm. With all the money these clinics make you would think they would have their own machine for testing in the office instead of having them sent out.

    And you might be right about DH, he maybe trying to pass the time and keep his mind off it but they are not as consumed as we are.

    Best wishes for a BFP!!
  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 09-08-05 | 11:01 PM
  • My H has been hunting or fishing every weekend since I got pg. I can't do much so....he just leaves! He's been reduced to an H too. Bonnie! Those evil sticks don't work and just don't think about them ever again. Tomorrow will be your big day. Good luck! Leslie
  • JessH 09-09-05 | 11:14 AM
  • i am so happy that you made it throught wait and with good signs. hang in there and let us know.

    Soiunds like your sweet h is having some anxiety, we all know that the women are so much stronger. You won't care anyway after the good news you will get today.

    i am praying for you and your positive result.