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Me too, Me too!

Hi girls! I've been kinda layin' low since the dreaded bfn. Still following along though.

I'm just waiting for AF to show then I start straight into stims, so my ER will be around Thanksgiving also. I think it's perfect that my 1st cycle buddy and my last cycle buddy will be my old pal "jjello"! Seriously, Julie you were my 1st iui cycle buddy last October '04 and now my 3rd and last ivf. I don't think I can handle this anymore even though insurance will pay for 2 more. So if this cycle doesn't work we're going to move on to international adoption - China.

I am so pulling for all three of us.
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Julie, as someone who wimped out and had her dh do all her jabs I take my hat off to you doing your own!!
I'm sure they will get easier to do day by day, taking them one at a time is a great way of dealing with it - they will soon become second nature to you I'm sure though. It's great that your dh is being so supportive!! I hope work has settled down for you now. Keep us updated on how your cycle's going, we're all here to cheer you on!!


Bonnie - Good luck with your FET!


Stacy -
Good luck too - I really hope the third times the charm for you!


It's great that there's three of you cycling so close together to share the ups and downs - but you're all going to have lots of Ups and no downs k?!
The end result of this is so worth it - no matter how you get there, the getting bit will all fade into insignificance trust me. Will be thinking and praying really hard for you all.

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is needing to update my kids pics, wow!
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Hi Julie, your on the right track now, and from this point on things will start to go by fast. once your pill is done you start the stims, and can look forward to daily bw and us to see how your follies are doing. try to relax, and remember we are here for you always. As for me, i am 8 weeks now, and sick as a dog the last 2 weeks. I have lost 10 pounds, could spare another ten. I just do dot want food, but thats ok because i went today and the baby is doing great and i just got discharged from the clinic. you will be in the same spot before you know it. Good luck and we are here for you
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It's so nice to chat with you all again - I missed these boards! It's strange because we all know IVF isn't at all uncommon, but I seem to only know one person who's ever gone through it, and I only found out a few days ago. She's a friend of a friend, and she donated her eggs to her sister - talk about the most beautiful gift you could ever give...! Anyway, she's out of town now but I have her number and am going to give her a call when she gets home. She's a total sweetheart and I know it will be great to talk to her.

My mom is even starting to get excited about the whole thing, and she usually has a more wait-and-see attitude. She told me a funny story - the other day she was out walking her dog in the park and ran into a woman with a toddler and a set of twins in a stroller. I guess they got to talking and my mom asked her if she'd done IVF with the twins and the woman said, of course! I think my mom secretly wants me to have twins too, LOL! Ayyyyy! Actually, that is a question everyone keeps asking me - what will you do if you have twins? What about triplets? Twins, I am of course certain I would have - triplets...well.....

I am myself teetering between excitement and wait-and-see. On the one hand, the enthusiasm of my friends really helps me to get through it all, and makes the possibility of becoming preg seem more real. I got secretly all excited just to buy a bottle of vitamins with the word prenatal on it. On the other hand, it may not work - those pesky statistics. Even my doc advises me to try to have "realistic" expectations. I'm just trying hard not to let this process take over my every waking moment, which is pretty tough to do.

My latest fear-of-the-moment (which changes weekly) is that I will have a lot of pain during the stim cycle. My doc said this is a possibilty due to the endo because my right ovary is enlarged and adhered to....well I don't know exactly what it's adhered to but it doesn't slide around like it's supposed to. On the other hand it could go fine, especially if the eggs form on the top, etc. Sigh. Wait and see.

But Bonnie and Stacy I am THRILLED that we'll be going through this right about the same time. Stacy it is positively freaky that our IUI timing was almost identical and is about to be again!

Missy, that's wonderful about your "one of each" - you and DH must be so happy.

Celia, I am the wimp, and my middle name is "Control"! I just couldn't bear the thought of DH injecting me!

Allison thanks so much for the support, and Leslie keep hanging in there!

Sorry for the novel, it has been building up and needed to be released!

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