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egg collection done yesterday - 4 good eggs, 3 maybe's, and 2 definately not good

egg collection done yesterday - 4 good eggs, 3 maybe's, and 2 definately not good

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  • Tracey and Neil Tracey and Neil's Avatar 02-10-09 | 02:32 PM
  • Quote de lbentow
    the doctor said something about they only want to put eggs back in that are good or something.
    I'm guessing they're saying they only want to put the embryo's back that are a good quality. Quality actually doesn't have a huge bearing on the success rate, our 2 embryo's were 'good' and 'average' quality, I actually know of 2 people who had x2 poor quality embryo's and ended up with twins so...!

    Quote de lbentow
    ...might have said this before, but how many times did you go thru ivf? also, how many eggs did you have and how many fertilized, and how many did you transfer?
    I think I have posted this before, but we are very blessed to have gotten pregnant on our very first IVF with ICSI. We had 11 follicles, 4 of which on egg collection day were dominant (over 18mm); we ended up with 3 eggs, out of which 2 fertilised; ended up with 2 embryo's, one graded as 'good' quality, the other as 'average' quality. The result was our miracle that I'm carrying!

    Quote de lbentow dh is REALLY excited and i'm not so much b/c i don't want to be disappointed.
    This is your BEST chance of conceiving, you have to surround yourself with positive energy. I firmly believe that this helped for us. We never lost faith in our embryos. Never. They both are, and always will be our children, even though one didn't make it, we will always be its parents.

    Have faith in them, think of them, picture them nestling inside, growing, developing. Your embryo's have every potential to be your child/children.

    This is the best chance you've ever had of being parents, you have to believe that it can work. "Whatever the mind can believe, it can achieve"

    Quote de lbentow
    ...the doc said to avoid lovemaking. is it going to hurt if we do?
    Quite possibly, yes, for a couple of reasons. If you have any eggs that were released prior to egg collection then you could end up with the natural pregnancy and your treatment pregnancies, which is risky for both you and your babies. Also you've had a lot going on in that department, you need time to heal, and you do not want to introduce any infections into the wounds created when they collected your eggs.

    I would abstain from sex until at least your pregnancy test result. We actually abstained for the first 3 months because I didn't want to risk all that we'd gone through to get pregnant (and also cos I felt like cr@p!!), but it's a little bit of inconvenience for a whole lot of reward.

    Quote de lbentow
    ...doc also scheduled for an anesthisiologist (however you spell it) for my transfer. she said it'll make it easier and the more relaxed i am, the better the results will be. our insurance doesn't cover it, so it's an additonal $400! is she just recommending it to get extra money or what?
    I've never heard of this. I had a difficult transfer (as my cervix is longer and kinked), and it didn't affect our results!!! Perhaps ask him to clarify exactly why he recommended this?!

    I wanted to post yesterday, but it wasn't a great day, and by the time I was home it was too late, and I was too drained to get on the puter. I hope your ET today goes really well hon. I'm thinking of you xx

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  • lbentow 02-17-09 | 07:19 PM
  • Tracey,

    I'm embarrassed, but I didn't know there were '2nd pages' on these things, so i didn't see your response until today. I just figured you've answered those questions in the past and decided to not answer mine or something. I'm so sorry!

    Thank you for your continuous support and for being here to answer questions!

    My hcg test is monday, but i've been asking my doc if they had any 'hints' from my bloodwork lately (i've been in there for b/w for estrogen & progesterone levels) and she finally said, if i promise to continue my medication, she can do the hcg early, but it wouldn't be definative. so, i'm going in on thurs for a pregnancy test, and if it's negative, i have to promise to continue my meds and come in again on mon (23rd) for a final hcg test. my egg retreival was on thurs (first week of feb) and my egg transfer was the following tues (2nd week of feb). So do you think this thurs will be too early to find out? if so, then why are they offering to do it early for me instead of making me wait till mon (23rd) ?? Lame question, but does the 2ww begin from the day of egg transfer? if so, then it would seem like this thurs would be too early since my transfer was just on tues of last week. Don't know!