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on "the devil's juice"!!! That made me laugh out loud. Those PIO shots are never fun. I'm doing a natural FET this time (maybe combined with an IUI) around so all I have to do is a trigger.

WOW! 3 perfect little embies you got there!! I will pray that you get those triplets and lose lots of sleep over the next several years.

Well, my last FET was a BFN, but I sorta expected it (even though we put back 3 perfect blasts!). I almost kinda secretly wished that it wouldn't work (so what am I doing? Another FET in a couple weeks! Jeez.). I have insurance coverage through July 1st, so we are just giving it a try because we can save thousands!! Honestly, I really think I want to adopt our 2nd baby before I ever get pg (*IF* I ever get pg). We still have 10 frozen blasts to work with and we might try DP's uterus in a couple years. I am just enjoying being a mommy to my beautiful, perfect, smart, funny, strong little baby!! Adoption (and Shaye) has saved my sanity and I am SO eager to do it again in 2006 so she'll have a little sister. We might start working on adopting brothers in 2007.
Honestly, I don't think that I will ever get pg. I think these fibroids are playing a huge part in implantation (even though my RE's can't tell me for sure) and I am not willing to go through surgery to have them removed. I'm perfecty content to adopt my children and after what I've seen a few of my friends go through recently with their pregnancies, I'm now MORE willing to adopt then ever. My friend's daughter (who is healthy and 23 years old!) just went into labor and had her baby 3 months premature. He will hopefully be ok (God willing!), but that is so heartbreaking. I have another friend in the hospital on strict bedrest who isn't due until August and they just gave her the shot to mature the baby's lungs. Not a good sign. I've had enough heartbreak than any one person should have to bear and I'm really not that into being pregnant anymore!!! I also think there are so many little souls out there that need love and a good family to grow up in. I can now honestly say that THIS path is the one I was meant to walk down.

I am so
for you with this cycle!!!! Can't wait to hear those wonderful results!!!


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Maddy, I lalways love reading what you have to say. With your happy adoption story you are just such positive energy for me
I have also been through quite a bit (as I'm sure we all have). My hubby and I have talked in great length about giving up this whole pregnancy thing and moving onto adoption. I have looked into the foster to adopt and also just adopting. In Maine, we don't have alot of options. The adoption process is VERY lengthy and we were told would take years. After hearing about you though, I think it's time to look into it more closely and maybe see if we can adopt out of state??? Any way, thanks for telling your truly wonderful story about your daughter....she sounds amazing
best of luck to you with your FET cycle. Missy
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Thanks everybody for all your well wishes, they are truly appreciated. (Yeah Missy I can relate to loving Maddy's posts - always have)

Maddy - I'm still sorry about the bfn even though everything else is going so wonderfully for you - you "big mommy bragger!"
You are right, it's amazing how we tend to stumble (read: trip and fall sometimes) onto the paths that we're suppose to take. Sometimes we even do circles and end up going wasn't I here before? Before ever contemplating that there was another solution to what we are looking for. (This also applies to not just babies for me.) I guess it's part of getting older, but I'm such a control freak it's hard to let go of something once I get it in my head.

Anyway, not trying to get on a soapbox I'm just happy to hear that someone found happiness and success outside of this whole ttc world, you can become somewhat obsessive.

Okay 7 days till beta!
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