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Fertility experts! come out come out!

Fertility experts! come out come out!

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  • 3Princes 12-09-05 | 07:29 PM
  • I am not a DI person but I know that there are lots of fertility goddesses who lurk/post over here and I need your opinions.
    My gyn and fertility specialist are having one of their many disagreements. (gyn is very conservative, RE is very aggressive)
    I have not had a period since I had my baby in April of this year. My fertility specialist wanted to give me progesterone to bring on my period, but wanted me to touch base with my regular gyn. When I did, she did an ultrasound and found my lining to be 17mm, and I guess the average is 11-12mm for right now. The regular gyn said that progesterone is not good for breastfeeding because it crosses over to the breastmilk. Well, when I e-mailed the update to the fertility specialist, she said that if my lining is that thick, I need progesterone now, and to call her right away to get it called in.
    What do you think? What would you do? Thanks in advance.
  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 12-11-05 | 03:23 PM
  • I'm definitely not a fertility expert, but I can tell you a few things --

    1. I don't have a period until I either fully wean from breastfeeding or introduce enough food that the baby's feeds drop substantially. Some women ovulate while b/fing but many don't and I don't. I had to wean my 7th child in order to begin fertility meds for TTC my 8th. It tore me up to wean him, but I was getting "old" and wanted to have my dd before it was too late.

    2. I definitely wouldn't take any meds (Progesterone or others) while b/fing. Everything (almost) gets into the breastmilk and it's just not worth the unknown risks to the baby. My suggestion is to either wait until your baby weans or wean now to begin TTC.

    I hope this helps! Please always feel free to come for advice any time. This board definitely does have some amazing fertility goddesses and they are happy to help.
  • 3Princes 12-11-05 | 09:36 PM
  • Actually Tracy, you were one of the "experts" to whom I was referring!
    Thanks for the insight. I know Dr. Glinda and Moy are not ttc but I was hoping they'd pop in for some "office calls" too! It doesn't seem like a lot of people are ttc on tbc right now.
    Anyway, I am having trouble weaning him, but I think that's what I'm going to do. I want to ttc in January, so it's time anyway.
  • glinda glinda's Avatar 12-12-05 | 04:19 PM
  • Of course I'm around here lurking about. I just didn't know how to answer your question because I failed at breastfeeding.

    Did anyone even bother to test your progesterone level? You might be ovulating while bf. Someone I know got pg 3 months after she gave birth. She didn't even realize it because she wasn't getting her period while bf. I would think that progesterone levels are typically low while bf. I do have to wonder how your lining made it to 17mm though.

    I think it's best to start weaning. Without bf at all (okay, I did it a couple of times before my babies told me I was starving them to death), I got my period exactly 8 weeks after I gave birth. My body pretty much snapped back into shape.
  • 3Princes 12-12-05 | 10:33 PM
  • The RE said that most women get their period about 3 months pp. I am down to 1 feeding/day and have been down to 1-2 for a couple months now, and still nothing.
    My progesterone has not been checked, but I had the ultrasound to measure my lining. I would think up until this point ovulation would be unlikely as I only had 1 follie in one ovary. What do you mean by "how my lining got to 17mm?" What is the relationship between progesterone and my lining? Thanks.

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