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FET soon, doc twiddling his thumbs!!!! (long, sorta rant)

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Old 10-13-04, 10:58 AM
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Default FET soon, doc twiddling his thumbs!!!! (long, sorta rant)

DISCLAIMER: I really do love my doc, trust him and he is a competent fella!

Well we went to the doc yesterday to talk about our upcoming FET and of course he has to stick his whole arm up my ying yang.........atleast that's what it felt like LOL He sits there mumbling to himself about what could be wrong. Goes thru our immune tests (had the ENTIRE panel) and only a few minor things, nothing big-but it does indicate auto-immune problems and I may have to consult Dr. Coulam of SIRM Chicago and Millenova immune labs director or something. Not a big fan of Dr. Sher's big marketing of fertility.............he's a money man but I'll see Dr. Coulam because I've heard good things about her. Doc says..........maybe we should put you on heparin...............HELLOOOOOOOOO I've been on heparin the past 2 cycles LOL. He was off his rocker yesterday....just in space so I reminded him of everything. He then says.........somethings gotta be wrong but I can't figure it out. Oh that makes me feel so darn good about this upcoming cycle. We decided to do karaotyping since that's the only easy thing left to do...........I'm pi$$ed that he didn't do this test when I asked for the whole shebang because insurance covers it anyway. Then AJ (my dh) tells him he's on Lotrel which is a calcium channel blocker blood pressure med which was listed on the sheet when we first went to the doc. I guess this med keeps the boys from penetrating the egg.......he asks, did we do ICSI...............umm no it wasn't needed and we have 30 embryos frozen and have already used 8. Anyway, I was perturbed by my doc yesterday.

So I am on day 10 of the pill and will be doing a FET soon.........doc wanted to transfer only 2 but after 3 failures.................3 embies is minimum for me. We were set on reducing if we had 3 but DH has changed his mind a bit. Whatever, I don't care at this point LOL. His Catholic Italian family would freak if we reduced. Anyway here's our schedule.

10/27 (Day 24 of pill package) Start Estrace pills 1/day
10/31 Increase Estrace pills 2/day
11/4 Increase Estrace pills 3/day
11/6 U/S & B/W, Increase Estrace pills 4/day
11/9 U/S & B/W, Endometrial scoring (cut a little sliver in my lining, for what reason I have no clue LOL)
11/12 Frozen Transfer with Assisted Hatching...........I just know this date will get screwed up because it's Friday and would leave me to rest for the weekend.
11/19 B/W Progesterone and E2
11/25 Beta

Anyway, if this doesn't work, we might seek some other opinions depending on how the karaotyping comes out. I may get some bacterial testing and I might consider PGD. There's just not much else left for us to do. I really don't want to waste $950 6-7 times to find out our embryos are not genetically viable. I guess we'll see as we go.

So another reason why I'm pi$$y lately is DH gave me an ultemadem (sp?) that I had to quit smoking 1 month prior to transfer. Well screw that, he chews 3 cans of dip a day and he's not quitting. I've taken to getting my tobacco from a chaw each evening to the dismay of my husband ROFL. I will probably light right back up if we get another BFFN.

Well atleast we have 30 embies on ice but if they aren't going to stick that doesn't mean much.

I have been taking a break and haven't posted lately. I will catch up with you ladies real soon!!!
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Old 10-13-04, 02:26 PM
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Your doc's a$$ would be twiddling on the end of my shoe if he keeps that up!
. I guess they all have their space-case days, just like us, but it's not a confidence-builder, is it?

BOTH of you giving up the tobacco would be a great idea. Be a team!

Good luck this cycle, my dear!
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Old 10-15-04, 07:59 AM
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Gosh i'd be a little perturbed at your Dr too. Maybe he was having a bad and forgetful day? Would be pretty stessful giving up something at a time like now! I gave up smoking before my successful cycle and the day of beta i was counting down the clock till i got the call confirming my cycle was negative and i could smoke again.......well blow me down i was pregnant and i've never smoked since.

Anyway good luck with your FET.
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