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Final IVF update

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  • SnowboardingMommy SnowboardingMommy's Avatar 10-02-04 | 08:26 PM
  • Hi everybody! I have such good news that I couldn't wait to share it! Today we transferred 2 perfect expanded blasts!
    My RE even said, "It doesn't get much better than this. Boy, these look perfect, Maddy!" Out of the 16 embies we had on day 3, all 16 of them are still alive and kicking!!
    Only 4 of them are less than 10 cells right now and they just probably will not make it to freeze tomorrow (cd6). DP said, "Baby, we have SUPER blastocysts this cycle!" Out of those 16 my RE said we will probably get about 8 to freeze and from what I recall on the chart about 4 or 5 of them were decent grades that we can feel confident about. I think those frosties will be saved to go in DP's uterus someday. She insists "for sibs". I'm glad she so optimistic this cycle and there is no reason this should not work. If it doesn't we are moving right into another fresh cycle. I also did the German acupuncture pre and post transfer. I truly believe that acupuncture every week since May is what gave me such incredible egg quality this time. IVF#1 was pretty spectacular, but this time was off the hook good!! For those of you out there that are wondering about acupuncture...........DO IT!!! You will see a difference.
    My beta will be on 10/10 and I am trying not to POAS this time because my RE tests so early! Thanks everybody for all your love and support.
  • nicki123 10-02-04 | 08:35 PM
  • That's great news. I am so happy for you and wishing you lots and lots of luck this cycle.


    I am wishing you and your DP good luck this cycle. And lots of ++++++++++

  • AMomInLove AMomInLove's Avatar 10-02-04 | 10:35 PM
  • Sounds excellent and very promising!


  • Jules8 10-02-04 | 11:20 PM
  • Oh Im so thrilled for you Maddy. It's your turn for sure!!! Stick blasties stick!!!
  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 10-03-04 | 04:05 AM
  • What fabulous news!!!
    I feel so good about this cycle for you, Maddy!! I can't wait to see the joyous

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