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Frozen Cycle Questions

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  • KellyAnn KellyAnn's Avatar 02-15-05 | 11:52 AM
  • Has anyone here done a frozen cycle? What is involved - do you always have to take Lupron?

    We have three embies on ice and I don't want to give the Endometriosis any time to grow back if we want to try another cycle. But, at the same time I don't want to put my body through all the stress with the medication again.

    Has anyone done a frozen cycle -- can you tell me what's involved.

  • swampscott swampscott's Avatar 02-15-05 | 03:54 PM
  • Hey Kelly,
    I'm in my FET cycle right now. Our first attempt @ FET was cancelled because I ovulated, so I'm on lupron right now. The RE said that they used to put everyone on lupron for FET's until they discovered that for the majority of the time women won't ovulate early on the estrace pills. Well, I apparently am one of the few.

    Anyway, to answer your question, here's my protocol.
    Started lupron 10 units/day on cd 20 of previous cycle
    Baseline ultra/bloodwork on cd 3 & start estrace 2x a day for 5 days & drop lupron to 5 units/day
    estrace bumped up to 3x a day
    Midcyle ultra/bloodwork on cd15/if everything's OK start progesterone shots & stop lupron
    embie thaw/transfer is on cd 20
    Beta 10 days later
    Just like with a fresh cycle, I'm taking medrol/doxycyline around transfer time.

    We have 2 day-6 blasts. Hope the info helps. Good luck!
  • marriahlyn marriahlyn's Avatar 02-16-05 | 01:14 PM
  • HI Kelly
    During my FET cycle I did not do lupron. I did BCP then on day 24 of the pill I started estrace pills 1mg per day for 4 days then kept upping it every 4 days to one more. I then did both estrace and progesterone and transfered on day 17 of the estrace.

    Good luck on your FET,