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Hello all an old timer new sign in.

Hello all an old timer new sign in.

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  • Scotnurse 03-04-07 | 11:07 PM
  • Hi all,

    Its rsmit02, Ruth not sure why but my sign in account wont word so I had to re-register. Could be because I havent posted in ages because we have moved Countries and been mega busy!!!!

    For those who remember me hi for those who dont I posted here for many years my sh had primary testicular failure due to mumps as a child, we had 12 DIUIs with increasing amounts of meds all BFN, Had a DIVF which resulted in miscarriage, then a final DIVF which was another BFN and the docs dignosed me with fibroids, poor egg queality, low progesterone, retroverted uterus and basically told us there was nothing else they could do.

    My amazing sister offered to be a Traditional surrogate Her egg) and long story short we moved from where we lived in Scotland to NJ USA to live near my sister (well with her at the moment LOL till we find a house!) We have been here 2 months and love it. We are going to start the surrogate journey in around 8 months my sister just had a baby a month ago so she needs to heal from that. We are going to do home insems with donor sperm.

    Just wondering if anyone can reccomend any Sperm Banks who will ship sperm direct to a home address without a doctors signature. Me and my sister are planning at home insems with Donor sperm and TS my sister wants to try this 1st before us spending money heading to a clinic for IUIs.

    Has anyone any experience of this at all I only have UK experience of medicated DIUIs in a clinic and dont know where to even start with using a sperm bank, how to store sperm, defrost it etc?

  • ~babydoll~ ~babydoll~'s Avatar 03-04-07 | 11:19 PM

    Ruth I saw the title of your post on the home page and the user name and KNEW it was you! Best of luck on your new journey to mommyhood!

  • glinda glinda's Avatar 03-06-07 | 03:53 PM

  • Sammi 03-06-07 | 07:17 PM
  • Hi Ruth,

    I was also going to suggest Northwest cryobank. I post on their chatboards and there are lots of great ladies on there who get their BFPs with at home AIs. Good luck and welcome
    I'm just across the border in NY.
  • Jules8 04-04-07 | 10:57 AM
  • Hi Ruth! Wow it's been a long time. Are you still melting away??? I haven't been online here in ages. That is great on your new plans. I'm confused though...I thought you were adopting your sister's baby? Maybe I'm confused. Either way that is great news that you have new plans. Good luck w/ everything!