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  • julie18 08-07-17 | 01:01 PM
  • My husband and I are trying to conceive for the last 5 years and the result always made us disappointed. I was diagnosed with PCOS 3 years ago and had taken several brands of meds many times but still nothing works. My husband’s fertility test turned to be fine and he is perfectly alright, this caused a lot of pressure for me. I ‘m getting, stressed and as my anxiety increases, I’m getting depressed day by day. I feel so alone and incomplete. All I wanted was a baby so we can be a family and I’m willing to try anything just to make it happen. It is really frustrating but I can’t lose hope
  • Lisaclark123 08-22-17 | 05:45 AM
  • Hello my dear friend. I really appreciate your efforts that you want to conceive own baby. Woman like you are very rare and hard to find to likes to go with own risk and never lose the hope. Well dear, your story sounds similar to me. I know very well it is very difficult to maintain the financial and unable to spend the money on precious IVF treatment. But it is better to move forwards and seek for the other opportunity to conceive the baby. In this technical era, there are many chances you can conceive the baby. It is the dream of every woman to have own baby rather than adopt. I am really glad to hear that you have the complete support of your husband and in law family members. Now you do not need to lose the hope and get the excellent advance medical research option which is perfect for you. I am sure God will bless you and make your every wish fulfill. You just need to move with positive mind and encourage yourself to bring out the best result.
    I am feeling very happy to share my feeling with you that I am blessed with a baby girl and living a wonderful life. I like to encourage you and hope you would never lose the hope. You just need to make the changes in your life and maintain the balanced diet which can improve the imbalance hormones and fertility. You can add the high nutrients diet and eat the vitamins and nutrients foods daily. Surely you will find your being a perfect mother and able to conceive. I wish you a very good luck and hope for the best.
  • Elisabeth_El 09-13-17 | 07:47 PM
  • yep, I also heard about this clinic in Ukraine from my friend in France. She couldnt get pregnant and together with her husband went to the Ukraine. She said that it was really crowded there, but after some time they got to the doctor and had a consultation. Eventually she recieved the proper treatment and got pregnant adter few months. And in terms of money it costed much less that it would have costed. So you can at least check thir website or something. And good luck!

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