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Help! Something is really not right.

Help! Something is really not right.

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  • tracyann 11-19-06 | 02:36 PM
  • So we had our transfer of 3 beautiful day 5 embies this past Tuesday and are set to test Friday after Thanksgiving. Well, the progesterone injections have always been really really hard on me. I just do not understand how some people don't have any problems with them... Anyway, last night's injections has left we with horrible pain shooting down my leg and up my back. Now I am no new bie at fertility treatments, but this is really bad. I can barely move from the pain. I am going to take some more tylenool now but it is doing no goos at all. I think I am developing sciatica again but this is worse than the last time. Does anyone have any ideas about his. I am really close to calling re even though I became absolutely certain after this cycle that her employees are completely incompetent. I just don't know what to do except sit here and throb.
  • Missy M 11-19-06 | 04:23 PM
  • sounds to me like you hit a nerve with your injection (probably your sciatic nerve). I did the same thing with my injections only I didn't have pain, my leg and butt went numb. Unfortunately, it lasted for months and months. I think you should called the doc. because they might be able to give you something for the pain. No sense suffering if you don't have to. Good luck ....let us know the outcome. Missy
  • tracyann 11-19-06 | 06:16 PM
  • Thank you Missy. I think so too. I really do not think this cycle is going anywhere anyway b/c I have the worst pms and cramping already. AF is so on the way. I just can't do anything without pain right now. I am gonna call. Thanks for your response.
  • imagine imagine's Avatar 11-19-06 | 10:25 PM
  • it sounds like a hit nerve to me too! I have one from the dr giving me a pain shot after my last surgery and it still hurts when I lay on my left side or bump into it. I hope you dr can do something to help with the pain.
  • Missy M 11-20-06 | 11:03 AM
  • tracyann.....don't give up hope for this cycle. After I transreffer, about 5 days after I started cramping and it felt just like AF was coming. I had serious cramps! I now have 9 month old twins
    My cramping lasted the whole 1st trimester. It felt EXACTLY like period cramps. Soooooo....moral of the story......don't judge it on cramps
    Good luck Missy

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