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hi everyone

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  • Sammi 03-02-07 | 04:15 PM
  • Thank you everyone

    I actually TTC a few years ago with DS. I then tried for a year with my boyfriend before going to IVF. The reason we went to IVF was because with all my testing to see why I wasn't conceiving we also did a sperm analysis on him and found that while his count was good, there was a fairly high percentage of his sperm that had poor morphology, or shape. The fertility specialist that did the SA attributes that to the fact that my bf is a smoker and has been for a long time. It was recommended that I either try IUIs with injectibles or move right to IVF. Because the odds of success were much higher with IVF and I'm already 39 the RE that I went to and I both agreed that IVF with ICSI (a good quality sperm is selected and then injected right into the egg) was the way to go.
  • eds1999 eds1999's Avatar 03-09-07 | 04:45 PM
  • Thanks for the info! Good luck with the new baby when he comes!
  • Sammi 03-18-07 | 11:33 AM
  • You are very welcome and thank you. Best of luck to you, I hope you get your BFP soon
  • angelsofsc angelsofsc's Avatar 04-17-07 | 03:26 AM
  • I am so happy to hear your good news.