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hi everyone!

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  • lbentow 12-29-08 | 01:27 AM
  • Hi everyone,

    I'm 30 and dh is 45. We've done 2 iui's without success. Dh now wants to do IVF, our doctor has already told us how much it'll cost and the date she has available for us (jan. 30th). I have to call the doctor tomorrow to confirm that we want to go forward with this procedure. I'm really scared and nervous! Dh isn't at all and is getting impatient. I'm scared of the pain, the unknown, and the fact that if this doesn't work out, we might never have kids. We can't afford to do this more than once and dh doesn't want to even think of adoption.

    If anyone can share with me what to expect, the pain, time, and up and down emotions, that would be great! Also, what is the success rate of IVF?
  • BnBMommy BnBMommy's Avatar 12-29-08 | 02:20 AM
  • Just wanted to wish you luck, there are some wonderful ladies on here that can probably help you out more
  • pearlgirlulm pearlgirlulm's Avatar 01-08-09 | 05:13 PM
  • Hey Ibentow!! My IVF date in 2/4/09. Look how close we are. I started my shots yesterday on 1/7/09. Have you started yours yet? Good luck! Hoping that we get to go to the DD boards together
  • pearlgirlulm pearlgirlulm's Avatar 01-08-09 | 05:17 PM
  • OH I forgot to say... I have been trying to get pregnant for 5 years now. It is scary. I am always worried about what if this never works. I feel like I have been doing this forever. I am trying to stay really positive this month. I am trying to send out as many positive vibes as I can. This is my first time going through IVF, so I really do not know what is ahead as far as IVF goes. I have started my Lupron shots. They do not hurt at all. I can tell you already that they make me extremely tired. I have been so tired.
  • lbentow 01-08-09 | 05:30 PM
  • my doctor can't tell me for sure that my ivf date will be 2/5/09. she said it'll be the day before or after, not sure. what shots are you taking? i haven't taken anything! the second day after my period this month, i'm supposed to take birth control pills. then on the 21st, i have to stop it, and then i have my first appointment. then i start the meds (shots) on the 26th, then monday.

    we are thinking the egg transfer will take place on the feb 11th and then i have to be on bed rest for three days. then the doctor is going to put me off work until the 25th. what about you? is the process the same? isn't this all overwhelming? i feel like i'm going to forget something and screw up!

    I'm excited (about the possibility of getting pregnant, finally), scared (that it might not work) and worried (since this is so expensive.). what about you?

    does the shots hurt??
Thank you lbentow!
pearlgirlulm (01-08-09)