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  • meladih 07-10-05 | 02:36 AM
  • A big hello to all of you! I am a brand new newcomer to your forum. My husband and I are "slated" to possibly start injections/stims around the first week of August. By "slated", I mean once my period starts (sometime between the 12th and 15th of this month), I'm to call my IVF doctor's nurse, and she's going to make up a calendar for us. It's estimated that we'll start the first week of August. I have so many questions and am apprehensive about so much of this process. I hope some of you ladies can help me through this process. I've been searching for someplace just like this website, and have hopefully found it. I have never gone through this before, as many of you have already. I have read alot of your dialogue's over the past couple of months and have found alot of very informative conversations. Thank you, already, even though I'm new! I hope to hear feedback from anyone who wishes to give me any and all advice. My big concern that I cannot make my mind up to is how many embryos to have transferred back into me, once they've matured. Anyone have thoughts on this? My IVF doctor wrote a great article recently on the new "technology" of having only 1 put back in, and having as much or nearly as much success rates with the 1 as multiple. Looking forward to hearing feedback from you!
  • Missy M 07-10-05 | 09:38 AM
  • Meladi....welcome to the website! My name is Missy and I am on my 2nd cycle right now. To answer your question about how many to put back, it's not an easy question. First of all, sometimes fate makes that decision for you. With me for 1st cycle only resulted in 3 fertilized embryos (2 of which weren't very good quality). If I had chosen to only put back 1 or 2 they would have discarded the extras because the quality was so bad they wouldn't freeze them. So, I put all 3 in (their was no way I was going to allow them to discard any of my embies). Also, because of the cost of this whole process, lots of us put more than 1 in hoping for multiples so we won't have to go through this again. When the time comes, you guys just need to decide what's right for you. This websit is a great place for questions and morale support. I'm addicted and go on just about every day now
    . Good luck with your cycle. Come back on and let us know how you are doing. Missy
  • EllenZ EllenZ's Avatar 07-10-05 | 11:42 AM
  • Hi Meladi and Welcome! My name is Ellen and I just finsished my first IVF cycle. I'm just waiting now for my Beta on the 19th. This whole process can be overwhelmeing so joining a group like this where you can get lots of information and support is really a great idea. We ended up tranferring 4 embies since that's all I had that made it to my transfer day and 2 of them were slow growers so my RE recommended transferring all 4. I would be thrilled for multiples but right now I'm just hoping for one healthy baby. Best of luck to you and I look forward to getting to know you better.
  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 07-10-05 | 01:43 PM
  • Welcome Meladi. My RE wouldn't put more than 2 the first transfer he was so confident it would work (it didn't) so second time around all I had left was three and I told him to go for it! I've got one in the oven now
    I'm high risk so would of been in trouble if all three would of stuck but am SO grateful I did all three. My luck is that it would of been that last one they weren't go to transfer that worked. You'll know what to do once you get your "numbers" and chances, etc.... This board is awesome. You can talk about anything and everyone is so strong and smart!!! It's pretty overwhelming in the beginning but once you get your schedule you'll calm down a lot. Those nurses do not let anything get passed over. Trust in that. Leslie
  • meladih 07-10-05 | 06:09 PM
  • Leslie, Ellen and Missy - thank you for responding and your kind words of encouragement! I will definitely keep you posted on our progress. I feel confident that my health and age will be a huge benefit to conception. I'm 33 and very healthy. I'm undergoing acupuncture for a "healthy, fertile womb" once a week, then 2 - 3 times during the stimulating of my ovaries. My husband has 3 healthy, older children from a previous marriage, so I don't doubt his sperm for a second. I'm very apprehensive about taking the ovarian stimulating drugs. Is it true that you won't feel like doing anything while undergoing these? Is it painful? I have pain every month on my ovluation day - and that's just 1 egg being released! I can't imagine 10 or more! Does your abdomen bloat up? Do you feel sick? Have any of you been "over-stimulated, or hyperstimulated"? I'm worried about alot, huh? You girls are great! --Meladi

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