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Default Horribly painful IUI #2 (long)

Sorry I've been MIA for a little while, between the site being slow and just generally feeling down I haven't been around much. I have a lead on a new job but I don't know how it's going to pan out.
Anyway I went in yesterday for my u/s and I had one follie on the right that was 1.9 so I triggered around 11 am and then went in for my IUI at 1 today. It was so painful today.

The doctor was having problems getting the catheter in through my cervix so at first he tried a polyp forcep and that didn't work so he tried another instrument and still couldn't get it through. Finally he asked the nurse to get him a cervix dilator and another catheter. Before he used the dilator he said "This won't be fun, you'll probably feel a cramp."
He was doing something and at first I was like well that's not bad and then he said "Ok now I'm going to insert the dilator". Well he started to insert and it
it hurt so freaking bad my relfexes made me flinch and kind of pull away, the doctor apologized and said "I know it's bad but your being a trooper". I was laying there thinking I had to relax because I knew that my being tense wouldn't help matters. So I was laying there with my eyes closed thinking relax relax and he said "I still can't get it, let me see the dilator again"
UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The second time was worse then the first and I'm glad I was laying down because I could feel myself get a little dizzy from it. The doctor was really nice about it kept apologizing and asking me if I was okay. He finally got the catheter in the second time, Thank God because I don't know if I could have gone through it a third time.
I had some bleeding afterwards and the nurse said that was normal because of the dilator.
Before the doctor left he apologized again for it being so uncomfortable and I said "That's ok hopefully in 9 months I'll be uncomfortable for a different reason" He laughed and said "I really hope so you were such a trooper through all this".

Afterwards I was telling DH how much it hurt and he laughed and said "Well then why did you keep telling him you were ok when he asked?" I told him it wouldn't have done any good to complain he still would have had to use it. I am still really sore and told DH not to count on having any fun for a few days, didn't make him too happy. LOL

So now I'm in the 2 ww again, I really hope this is the one. I hate to think of going in there next month and having to face the dreaded "Dilator". So I can use all the baby dust, prayers and good luck I can get.
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I'm sorry that had to happen. I hope it will all be worth it in two weeks, though!! ++++++++++++++++++++
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OMG! You poor thing!!!! I have only had that experience once and that was when one of the RE's at my clinic had to insert a lamaneria before my lap. I don't know what he used, but I was in tears. Unfortunately, my DP wasn't with me that day because I told her she didn't have to take off of work for something so quick. I thought it would just be like inserting a tampon or something and it turned out to be the most painful experience of my life (besides my ectopic when they poked through my vaginal wall to drain some blood from my abdomen!). Anytime my RE even mentions the tenaculum I FREAK the h*ll out!! My favorite RE actually laughed at me not too long ago during my water sonogram when I screamed "OH MY GOD PLEASE DR. L DON'T USE THE CLAMP!" She was really startled and then my DP said, "next time you will have to use the code word for tenaculum" and my RE said, "Ok, I'll just say 'get me the real gentle cervix thingie so we can get this in her' ".

I'm sorry again and I hope that in 2 weeks you will be celebrating that pain!
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WOW!!! That sounds like a nightmare of an IUI. I have been lucky so far that mine have been pretty much pain free.
for a BFP (that will make the pain worth it!!!)
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OMG OMG OMG I am so sorry it was so painful and traumatic! I hope you get your BFP soon!
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