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I Caved In To The Evil Pee Sticks (same as IVF board)

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Old 12-13-04, 09:27 PM
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Default I Caved In To The Evil Pee Sticks (same as IVF board)

I succumbed to imaginary peer pressure. My friends from my IVF clinic kept sending me e-mails asking if I had tested. Jaime tested early. Maddy's clinic tested her early. When I read that JB was going to go to her clinic early, I said to hell with it. I already had my box of FREDs. I then bought a box of the CVS sticks because they detected Jaime's initial low beta. A girl can never have enough pee sticks
I lowered a cup into the toilet and peed into it (I know you want all these details). Otherwise I would have peed all over my hand as I was groggy at 6 am. I also knew I was going to use 1 of each brand of evilness so I needed a container.

I watched a 2nd pink line emerge on the FRED. Then I used the CVS stick and there was barely a line. It took about 10 minutes for a 2nd line. I start to cry. I had been feeling pulling on my right side (nothing like signs of AF) the last couple of days so I was panicked when I didn't feel this anymore and one line was lighter than the next. I showered and then ran to the dr I saw over the summer for IV antibiotic treatment. There was no one at the front desk so I walked right back into his office. He was surprised to see me. I just burst into tears again. He came over and hugged me. I just opened my hand and showed him the sticks. I said help me, I don't want to kill off another one. He asked me if I wanted to do a beta. My clinic told me to have the test done on Thursday. I told him that it was 10dpt. He said that at this point, I needed to have a hcg level between 20 and 30 and then around 60 to 70 on Wednesday. I agreed to the test. He said if my number doubled, he would want me to do another round of IV antiobiotics treatment.

Before I went to the lab, he told me to start calling him around 2 pm and pester him for the results. At 1 pm, he called my office. He starts off with "I'm sorry to say....". I went cold inside. He then continued....."you're pregnant". I whispered "what's the number?" as if I said it aloud something would jinx me. My beta was 101. I'm 10 dpt. I've never had a number this high this early.

This afternoon, I had throbbing on my left side in the tube area. Visions of an ectopic pg start running through my head. I tried to convince myself that I wouldn't feel anything this early if it is ectopic. I have since popped 2 tylenol and the throbbing seems to have subsided. Time will tell.

I haven't asked this in a very long time but......I need your prayers. I have come so close so often. Every time it's within my reach, something goes wrong. I really need a pg to go right. I need my betas to double and I need the pg to be in my uterus. I just don't know how I would be able to cope with another m/c.

Thank you, thank you

(sorry for sounding so pathetic)
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Old 12-13-04, 09:42 PM
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First, I'm so happy that you're sharing with us

. Second, WOW this sounds really good!! I've been thinking of you every day and wanting to call, but not wanting to disturb you :con:. You already know I am praying so hard for you. If this works for you, I may have to reconsider my decision to quit.





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Old 12-13-04, 10:04 PM
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WOW!!!!!! This is such great news!!! I had no idea where you were in your cycle because you don't post a lot about yourself here...and you are always so supportive of everyone else.

I PRAY that this is a sticky sticky little embie or two!!!! Let this be the start of our string of HAPPY HOLIDAY BFPS!!!

That's a great beta for only 10dpt.

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Old 12-13-04, 10:34 PM
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Glinda I'm crying right now man I wish I still had your number becuase I want to call you and tell you how happy I am for you now my little story on my post is coming true you are going to have to read it girl. I have been praying like crazy for you and I'm going to keep it up. I know that God is looking down on you and smiling and laugh at you for not waiting but happy that you are no longer wondering. I guess you can put that sticker on now DONE.

I love you girl you are a great person and going to make a great mother.

P.S. I really now hope that is is my month also becuase I want be there with you and Jamie. we have been through so much together in the past this would be a great thing to share also.
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Old 12-13-04, 11:22 PM
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I am SO happy to read your post.
I have been doing a lot of praying for ALL of us over the past few days, and I so hope that this is the month for ALL of us. .Keeping my fingers crossed that everything will work out for you..
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