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i have some questions

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  • 28inNY 05-08-12 | 09:31 PM
  • i am 28 living in NY and am planning on beginning artificial insemination in 4 years (im a very astute planner). i have no partner. im not planning on having a partner. ive told very few friends and family members about my life decision. my mother laughed it off. some friends have tried to convince me to change my mind. but i want to be a mother and i would like to do 100% focused on my child. not on a partner who may or not be as focused and desiring of a child as i. i would rather do it alone than to do it with emotionally or physically absent partner. my main question is to the women who have successfully had a partner free insemination is...
    how did you tell friends (who werent aware ahead of time) and family members?
    i feel as though i will be bombarded with a lot of questions of "why?" and "who is the father?" while i understand this is no one's business but my own, id like an answer prepared.

    ive begun saving not only for the insemination but for the baby.

    thank you for any help and i'd love to hear some personal stories!!!
  • nqhappy1 11-08-12 | 12:26 AM
  • Hi 28inNY, perhaps the only advice I can give here is that the more people who know this is your decision now, the less are going to give you the hard questions later when the time actually comes. Also, the more people who know before, the more support people you will have, and any that don't support you will no longer be around.

    I think what you are doing is great. I'm sure you'll be a fantastic mother.

    Best of luck.