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IUI #4 Frustration

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  • eds1999 eds1999's Avatar 03-01-07 | 03:31 PM
  • I'm not sure what you mean by protocol. I do know that I've gotten ovulation tests read positive on various days (anywhere from 10-14), even though my cycle seems to be quite regular. I am not taking any medications to help, as my doctor doesn't recommend it. It seems like I've been charting my temperature...well forever! So it seems like I should know my cycle good enough to get this IUI thing right. Sorry-venting! Thanks for all the well wishes and support!
  • Chris10brink Chris10brink's Avatar 03-11-07 | 10:41 PM
  • It might do some good to take a month off - it is soo stressful to go through all of it. It was my 4th try that worked - and it's all worth it in the end, so hang in there.
  • eds1999 eds1999's Avatar 03-20-07 | 04:38 PM
  • Thanks! We've decided to switch donors and we're giving it one more month. If no go, we're definetely taking that month off! We need it (and being impatient doesn't help either!)
  • julichris 04-08-07 | 11:33 AM
  • Hello, FWIW I did 11 double IUI insems over 18 months...the last two with Clomid. My tubes are clear, my hysteroscopy and laparoscopy revealed all normal anatomy, and blood tests only showed a progesterone deficiency (which was corrected with supplements). I don't have any health issues...basically, I was a perfectly healthy 27-29 year old and the RE could not figure out why I wasn't getting pregnant. Ovulation was always confirmed and the timing was perfect (especially doing two insems per cycle, we were covering a lot of time). I took a year off, then we decided to use my partner's brother (fresh sperm). After he went through testing and everything came back fine, I am now pregnant after the first attempt. So, all that time and money that went into the IUI cycles and frozen donor sperm (not to mention the emotion, month after month of let-downs and beating myself up for not being able to make a baby for our family). All that time I thought I was failing, and it turns out that IUI with frozen sperm just wasn't the way for me. I still cannot believe it happened so easily, and on the FIRST try. So, give it a few tries, but don't beat yourself up or go crazy wondering what you're doing wrong. Sometimes it just isn't the answer. Good luck!!

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