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IUI timing. (warning - long!)

IUI timing. (warning - long!)

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  • marielou marielou's Avatar 03-05-05 | 09:34 AM
  • Hiya,

    I'm due to start DIUI #1 next cycle. I'm doing a natural cycle, as even on the lowest dose of clomid/injectables, I get LOADS of follies/OHSS. Last ICSI, I was on the IUI dose of injectables, and got 14 follicles
    so I need to do natural.

    Ok, problem is - I only get a positive OPK the DAY I ovulate, not 24-26 hours beforehand.
    AND, to add to that, when I did my natural FET, my follicles seem to grow very quickly - cd14, my follie was 15mm, cd15, I had a positive OPK, and my follie was 19mm and popping!

    My clinic have said that once they see my follicle is popping - they will do the IUI 24 hours LATER.
    My problem with this is - I KNOW I ovulate cd15 every month, so if they're doing the DIUI cd16, surely the egg will be gone by the time they put the sperm back?

    They tell me the egg will be waiting for the sperm, but I fully believe the egg will be disentergrating.

    I'm new to DIUI, so would love to hear from some 'experts' - our choice is to give our clinic a try, or go with another clinic. We have an appointment for a 2nd opinion on Tuesday, at another clinic, so we may have to sit out a cycle, and go with them. I'm just so hesitant to sit out a cycle - after 5.6 years TTC I am desperate to get started!

    Marie xx
  • AMomInLove AMomInLove's Avatar 03-05-05 | 10:34 AM
  • Sounds like meds are totally unnecessary for you and the risk of OHSS is way too high! They can truly mess up a good thing and are NOT for everyone!

    You follie growth sounds fine...sounds like you may need closer monitoring with u/s to pinpoint ovulation more accurately so you do not miss the surge day by being too late...even if you do your IUI on ovulation day that is perfect (ie. so if your folly is checked cd14 & is 15mm and then again cd15 and it is popping & 19mm - do your IUI ASAP!!! could not have better timing then!!! )

  • Jules8 03-05-05 | 02:18 PM
  • Hi--One of the months I got pg on DIUI I went in on the morning of cd14 and got b/w and u/s. By 12 noon they called me and said you have to get back here now because yo're about to ovulate. So I went back in at 2pm that day and got pg. (This was w/ my angel). So if you are getting bloodwork done they should be able to tell where your LH is and if you're surging or not.

    Hope it works quickly for you!
  • marielou marielou's Avatar 03-05-05 | 02:54 PM
  • Thanks girls,
    I think the main problem is, my clinic just refuse to budge on this - they say they will do the IUI 24 hours after ovulation, and not before, and have made me feel like I'm stupid to even question this. I really think I need to change clinic's now - this is making me so stressed and ill, so I think its for the best.
    Thanks girls!
    Marie xx
  • Jules8 03-05-05 | 10:13 PM
  • What about doing 2 IUIs? My clinic does 2 at 12 hours and one at 36 hours post. That way you could try to catch it.

    Here's another about using an hCG trigger... This last time I felt like I was surging quickly so I triggered the night of cd 12 and had a single IUI 36 hours later and it worked. When I triggered on cd 13 I felt like my body was already in motion. So maybe try to go in a day earlier and control your ovulation.

    Anyway...just some other options. Good luck and try not to stress...

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