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  • babywishes 05-22-11 | 06:53 PM
  • What can people tell me about IUI vs IVF? What is recommended? Reasons for going with one over the other? Reasons for needed an IUI or IVF? Sucess stories? My husband and I are contemplating the next step and struggling with what the best option would be. We have been trying for 23 month officially and 7 months prior to that unofficially, for a total of 30 months. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  • Mark'sbabygirl Mark'sbabygirl's Avatar 05-24-11 | 08:53 AM
  • My DH and I had some fertility issues-and it really depends on what the problems are that you are having. Have you had any fertility testing done? If not,that would be the first step. And, then based on your results your Dr. could recommend what he/she thinks would be your best course of action. IUI is MUCH cheaper- around $3000 per round as opposed to $10,000 - $15,000 for IVF. IVF is also much more invasive since there is egg retrieval involved. I know alot of people who have had success with IUI, so most people recommend trying it first and then if it doesn't work trying IVF. However, it really depends on what the fertility problems are. My DH and I were going to try IUI, but my Dr. put me on Clomid for a fertility test and I got pregnant during that cycle, lol. We amazingly got pregnant with #2 on our own. Good luck!!
Thank you Mark'sbabygirl!
babywishes (07-31-11)
  • babywishes 05-24-11 | 09:41 PM
  • Thanks for the response. I am currently under the care of a fertility specialist. I have severe endometriosis that was removed this past March and other than that, both my husband and I are good to go. All testing has came back with good results. My doctor suggested 3 months of IUI and then move to invitro. But I am worried about it not working and spending all that money on the IUI when the % of conception is less than the IVF. I am just trying to get some ideas of the success people have had. I have done lots of searching online and I have seen very mixed results with the IUI.
  • 3Princes 05-24-11 | 10:50 PM
  • I got pregnant with IUI twice. If insurance doesn't cover ivf 100%, it's worth it to take the 3 months and do it. It's way less invasive, costs less, and is less painful. I would ask for bloodwork and ultrasound monitoring so that you get the timing just right. IMO its pretty useless without it-- I hated havign to do the opks myself.

    IVF is a longer, more painful, more expensive process. It's great for some people who have tried everything.
Thank you 3Princes!
babywishes (07-31-11)
  • babywishes 05-24-11 | 11:40 PM
  • Thanks, neither the IUI or IVF is covered by our insurance. Nothing else has worked, we have tried several meds, opk kits, surgery. This is the next step... I think we are going to go ahead with at least one round of the IUI. We are tired of waiting for something to happen naturally, we have been without protection for 2 1/2 years... It is great encouragement that you were able to get pregnant with the IUI twice, how many times did you do it?

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