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I've been converted...

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  • StacyLynn 07-25-06 | 10:16 PM
  • to an IUI. I kind of opted for it because I just felt like I wasn't responding well to the stims, I had a low follicle count and my estradiol was low. So I didn't want to waste my last retrieval paid for by insurance and only have like 2 eggs. Though since I've changed over I've gotten more follicles just don't know how many eggs. Anyway I feel good about the decision, I still have a will probably be on Friday or Saturday (my b-day!)

    Thanks for good vibes - I feel 'em!
  • imagine imagine's Avatar 07-25-06 | 10:36 PM
  • I will pray for many egg's!! Good luck!
  • glinda glinda's Avatar 07-26-06 | 02:01 PM
  • You absolutely do have a shot! Sending positive vibes for that birthday IUI.

  • JagsAli JagsAli's Avatar 07-26-06 | 03:43 PM
  • Praying and thinking about you....good luck and Happy Birthday, that should be a very good day all around.
  • Saira Saira's Avatar 07-26-06 | 04:35 PM
  • Good Luck!