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IVF really works. Some advice for future moms!

IVF really works. Some advice for future moms!

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  • Lisa03 10-24-17 | 04:03 PM
  • Thanks for the quick advice! I am glad to get your help and advice! You helped me so much. I am sure my husband and I should think about this clinic. You know, I have heard about it. But up to now I wasn’t sure if it is really good. Thanks for the useful information. I think it would help not only me. It will be important for the other women that are looking for a good clinic. I think that we will visit it. I think that it is important to talk to doctors of all the clinics I have chosen. Maybe I really will find out that the clinic you told me about is much better. But maybe not. It is very important for me to know that I will work with the true specialists. I don’t want to turn to a clinic where doctors are not experienced. This may affect the outcome. Mothering is my dream from the young age. I am ready for everything to make it come true. I want everything to be fine. Hope that I will be able to make my spouse happy soon. He wants to be a parent too. I believe that good specialists can help us. I am ready to trust the doctors. But I want to make sure that they really know what they do. I think that it is important for every lady who turns to IVF. Nobody wants to waste money and get no result. So, thank you, Diana! Hope, your family and you will be happy. God bless you! Wish you good luck and happiness!
  • Annette5 10-24-17 | 04:05 PM
  • Hello, girls!
    You know, I turned to IVF 2 years ago, when I was 42. Now I am a happy mother of a completely healthy child. I am so glad that, because my husband and I can have a full family. I got pregnant after the first try.
    I turned to doctors from several different clinics and asked them for the advice. Well, I knew lot’s of useful information. For example, it is true that it is better to forget about coffee. This product is not useful and is not needed in the diet. It can only cause harm to your health. Especially during IVF procedure. The same is about the black tea. You’d better not to drink it. Try concentrate on green tea. Ideally you need to drink clean water. Lot’s of water. Maybe it will be difficult for you at the beginning, but them you will get used to it. You shouldn’t drink lot’s of salty drinks in big amounts too. It is not useful. Lot’s of salt in your organism is not desired anyway, so pay attention to it.
    By the way, it is important to eat products with protein. Don’t forget about fruits and vegetables. But don’t eat lot’s of potato and cabbage. These products are not desired in your everyday menu too. It was difficult for me to get used to this diet at first, but then everything was great. I hope that you will be fine too. Be sure this advice will help you. Hope you will become a mother soon. Wish you good luck! God bless you!
  • Malone 11-03-17 | 03:52 PM
  • Hi ladies. It is nice to hear that so many of you have had successful experiences with IVF. It is great that women have this option now. It has made it so much easier for many couples to overcome the hurdles posed by infertility. Of course, IVF does not work in all cases. For such cases, there are other options too. For instance surrogacy and adoption. In short, there is a way out no matter what your situation is.
  • Anari 11-10-17 | 05:13 AM
  • Hi Diana, we were also in biotexcom but for another reason. We already had several unsuccessful cycles of IVF. After that, we lost hope that we will have native children. Of course, we knew about the surrogacy, but in our country only non-commercial surrogacy is allowed.
    But I could not even think about how I could ask my sister or friend to become our surrogate mother. And besides, even for free, I knew that they would refuse me. Yes, I myself would not do it for free. Therefore, the surrogacy in our country is so rare. Because no one wants to wrest a year of his life to help childless couples. Of course, I understand why this is so, because every woman who could come to the role of a surrogate mother has her own life. For example, my friend: - she has a child and husband. How would she react to my proposal? Of course, she would have refused me. Although we are friends for a long time, but why should she do this? After all, she will have to give up her work, give less time to her child and her husband. And her husband will surely hate me. And besides pregnancy is a big stress for the female body. Who wants to endure these inconveniences for free? Of course, the answer is quite clear - no one! Therefore, I do not end with the meaning of non-commercial surrogacy.
    But we abandoned the idea of ​​non-commercial surrogacy. We even resigned ourselves to the fact that we will live only together. But a few years later, I began to have a severe depression. I even attended psychotherapy sessions. But it did not help me, because I had a great desire to have children. My husband did not know how to reassure me. It was like a nightmare. I do not know why this desire arose just then and why so much. But after several months of this depression, I realized that we need to go abroad and look for a surrogate mother.
    My husband discouraged me from this, because he was afraid that we could not cope with legal issues. He was afraid that there might be problems with the registration of the child. But he could not change anything. We went abroad. Of course, I previously studied information about those countries where there is commercial surrogacy. And we paid most attention to legal issues. Since the legislation of Ukraine supports the biological parents, so we have chosen Ukraine. Everything went well, we were picked up by a good surrogate mother, now she stayed in Ukraine. And we visit her every few months. And for her health, the doctors of the clinic closely follow.
  • karinaparker 12-03-17 | 04:52 AM
  • Hello Diana how is you? Congratulations for your complete family. Are you ok with 1 child? Why don’t you try again? I am so thankful to you for your love and support. I had IVF before 3 years. It was successful. I had it from Ukraine. It was a painful but a wonderful experience. I was quite nervous and worried but a pious lady like you gave me support and I was able to stay positive. Sharing stories is such a lovely thing. It leads towards our mind relaxing and positivity. One should never give up. I would like to help you in supporting ladies who lose hope and afraid of infertility treatments. Good to talk to you. Take care.

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