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IVF Success Stories...

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  • Tracey and Neil Tracey and Neil's Avatar 02-03-09 | 05:13 AM
  • A place for ladies who have been blessed through the miracle of IVF.

    Please post your story and tell us about what it's like to finally hold your miracle baby!
  • Tracey and Neil Tracey and Neil's Avatar 02-03-09 | 05:14 AM
  • Looking forward to reading the stories! I can't wait to post here in about 22 weeks time!!
  • kellyK123456 08-19-17 | 11:17 AM
  • Hello, I am happy that you want to know about the new technologies available for becoming a mother. I am here to help you on this. As one already knows about the surrogacy technique which is a considered as a good option after the In vitro fertilization (IVF) technique. You must know that IVF is totally different from surrogacy. Surrogacy is in which you get the child from another mother whereas in IVF technology you are the one carrying the baby and experience each and every emotion you have ever wished for. You will have a normal and healthy baby at the end and moreover, it will surely make the bond of you and your husband stronger. Remember that before beginning any kind of procedure you have to consult a goof gynecologist for this. It is a very popular and falls under reliable treatments for infertility or any reproduction problems.
    I remember my husband’s friend referred me a very famous clinic of Ukraine were i met my current gynecologist. She took all my previous medical and fertility reports and referred me a few tests. I did the entire test and found that i had a thin lining which is not ok for the IVF process. After hearing this i got very disappointed but afterwards, my gynecologist gave me medicines and tips on how to increase the lining which i followed strictly. Within 5 months i was declared fit for the IVF process and currently, i have a baby girl from this IVF process only. I feel happy every time i tell people not to lose hope on this. Infertility or problems related to reproduction can be cured it just takes the right gynecologist. I hope my reply helps you in getting sufficient information. Wishing you luck for future.
  • magicunicorn 08-31-17 | 07:18 AM
  • Thanks for this thread.
    I had my first IVF attempt 3 years ago after unsuccessfully TTC for 5 years.
    It was an indescribable experience to get finally a BFP and then being able to go through the full pregnancy.
    I will never forget the first time I saw my baby and hold him in my arms. I guess that's an unforgettable moment for every mother.
    Now I had my second IVF cycle. TTC our second baby boy/girl..
  • Anari 09-02-17 | 06:01 AM
  • Hello, but my sister was advised to use the service of surrogate motherhood. She already had several unsuccessful attempts at IVF and she decided not to try them any more. Her husband and I have been looking for a suitable country and a clinic for this procedure for a long time. But on the advice of friends, we all went to Ukraine together. At first we were very worried, because we did not know how everything would go. But my sister and her husband chose the right surrogate mother. Donor eggs and sperm were not used. And this means that the child will be completely native to them. The maternity mother agreed to come with us. My sister rented an apartment for a surrogate mother in the vicinity of their house. For them it was fundamentally important that the surrogate mother go to live in our country. This is done in order to observe her way of life so that she does not harm the child. Back in the clinic, in Ukraine, with the help of their full-time lawyers, my sister signed a contract with a surrogate mother to ensure that everything was legal. To give birth to a child, of course, was decided in Ukraine. Because there the surrogate motherhood is regulated by law.