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  • panchal 09-03-17 | 03:49 AM
  • Hi
    I wish all of you all the best who are pregnant now. IVF is a good option to defeat infertility issues. I am keen to know your experiences after IVF. I have a girl and now trying for the second one. I want to opt for an IVF now because my eggs are quite small in size. I want moral support from all of you.
  • nina257 12-07-17 | 03:34 AM
  • Hi there. So nice to see so many happy women. IVF sure is a great option. It greatly increases the chances of having a child. I am currently pregnant after pregnancy. Hopefully, I will soon be able to say that I have been blessed with a child after IVF. Fingers crossed.
  • Emilykingston 03-20-18 | 12:37 PM
  • Hello, I hope you are doing good. I know you started this thread for IVF but I would like to point out here that every medical advancement made in this particular field is no less than a miracle. I never believed in these miracles earlier but today I am a living proof of these miracles. Though I did not go for IVF but trust me it is equally blissful to hold your baby, who has been born through surrogacy. I was too weak to carry a child. We TTC so many times that I even lost count. I faced two miscarriages before I decided to not torture myself anymore and go for other options.Now, most people think this is very difficult. I would like to use this platform as a source to tell all those depressed couples, who think they can never have a baby that you can.I consulted a team in Europe. The team was supportive and provided me with all details. The meetings were arranged by the clinic.Everything was sorted and the staff especially was very friendly. I cannot thank them all enough and I would love to help anyone couple with my experience if I can. I have a beautiful boy, who just turned 1 and I am planning to get another baby through surrogacy to complete my family. I hope someone reading my story will benefit from it.
  • chloe_berry 03-27-18 | 12:32 PM
  • Having babies is the biggest desire of any woman in this universe. Having them on hand is the biggest pleasure. I had polyps in the uterus which was diagnosed. My uterus was infected a lot by it. Which caused infertility. On the suggestions of my family and friends, I moved towards surrogacy and succeeded in the first attempt. I will always prefer IUI over IVF.