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Julie any progress??

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  • bonnie bonnie's Avatar 11-14-05 | 04:20 PM
  • Hi Julie, Just thinking about are the meds going? Have you had any U/S 's yet???
  • jjello 11-14-05 | 09:47 PM
  • Hi Bonnie, thanks for asking - I was just about to post an update. Today is CD#1 for me, as of 3:30 this afternoon. Tonight I cut my lupron dose in half and tomorrow I'll call in to get specific instructions on starting the stims.

    Hopefully they will go as easily as the lupron, which seemed to give me no side effects. I might have had a slight headache and a sweaty night or two, but I'm not really sure, and if I hadn't been paying attention I know I never would have noticed.

    My emotions are so mixed right now. I'm both excited to begin and yet nervous as hell. I'm relieved that in just a few weeks this will all be over one way or another, but on the other hand I only get one try (unless I'm able to do an FET), so if this doesn't work, I'm pretty much out of luck.

    These days when I'm driving in the car I imagine my reactions and think about what I'll be able to look forward to in either scenario. If I can't have a child I am resolving to become closer to my friends and stepchildren, make my sex life better than ever, throw myself even more into my career, fix up our house from top to bottom, and travel more. Starting with a big binge to the Dominican Republic with lots of sun and cocktails. Can you say, "Type A"??? Am I nuts or what?? :-)

    And if I get pregnant, well, my life is going to change big time in ways I can't even begin to imagine. I try not to let myself think about it too much so I'll be able to bear the disappointment if it doesn't happen. I know I'll try to do the opposite of the above, though - that is, not be a psycho, goal-oriented mom who winds up with a twisted kid, LOL! My DH is a very hands-on dad and has three terrific kids, and I know I'll be lucky to have him as a good parenting example - not that I wouldn't tweak a few things! ;-) What I want is to be a freakin' pregnant GODDESS!!! But I know it's more likely I'll feel like a sick whale! But whichever it is, I'll take it!

    Have a good night,
  • jjello 11-14-05 | 09:47 PM
  • But enough about me - how are YOU doing??? :-)

  • Missy M 11-14-05 | 11:12 PM
  • You are too cute Julie
    I just wanted to pop in and wish you good luck with your cycle. We need some good news around here
    Keep us updated on your u/s so we know how your follies are doing. Can't wait for some good news. Missy
  • Celia_M 11-15-05 | 09:31 AM
  • Good luck Julie!

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