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Latest IUI was horrible!

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  • pajamas 12-02-04 | 04:27 PM
  • I had an awful experience yesterday with our IUI. My dr. here has put me on clomid CD 2-6. This was my first month. We go to the clinic for the insem, and I tell the dr there that I am now on medications (this is our 4th IUI, but we had done a year of home insems with fresh donor). The doctor is obviously ticked off, and tells me I can't just go on the meds and have no monitoring, since they don't know how I will respond to them. Well, I am just doing what my dr. said, and I don't know much about monitoring. So he whips out this wand thing and says he has to do an ultrasound. The only one I have had was on my abdomen, I didn't know he was doing a vaginal one. I was quite scared and uncomfortable - I didn't know what was going on. It felt like he lectured us the entire process. He went ahead with the insem, and said my larger egg (s) must've already moved on because he only saw ones that were smaller than 10mm. My lining was 8.8 - is that thick enough? Anyway, he said if I was going to stay on the clomid, then I would have to have an ultrasound on CD 11, or else he wouldn't do the insems. I will ask my doctor here to do it, as the clinic is 2 hours away. After he left I cried. I felt like I was doing something wrong, and I hated the way he did the ultrasound. The nurse came back because she knew I was upset. She said it was common for doctors outside the clinic to prescribe the medication, and that I hadn't done anything wrong - the doctor at the clinic just sticks to the protocol very strictly. He won't do anything until after 6 cycles. I don't know how to feel about the whole thing. It's hard to be positive when I was so upset the entire time. There weren't any good vibes in that room. I hope it worked this time so I don't have to go through that again any time soon.
    Thanks for listening - sorry so long.
  • alicia67 alicia67's Avatar 12-02-04 | 06:14 PM
  • OMG! That's horrible...what an insensitive doctor. I'm sorry for you to have to go through that experience. As though TTC via DIUI isn't hard enough on us. We DO NOT need obnoxious medical people making it worse.
  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 12-02-04 | 06:33 PM
  • OMGosh.... What a JERK!
    If it's common practice for that to happen, he really needs to learn to flow with the situation better! I know how uncomfortable those u/s are when you are close to ovulating, and I'm so sorry!
    Hopefully that egg was sitting right there in one of your tubes and got fertilized!!!
  • AMomInLove AMomInLove's Avatar 12-02-04 | 06:41 PM
  • I would absolutely agree any respectable DR should not put you on meds without monitoring how your body would react!!! OHSS is very serious condition! Your body can easy be overstimulated if you are taking meds! At least one u/s before the IUI is a good idea to see how your follies are doing and how many you are producing.

    Your lining sounds nice...good luck for this cycle!

  • ~babydoll~ ~babydoll~'s Avatar 12-02-04 | 07:02 PM
  • I agree with your doctor, but he really acted like an A$$
    . That was completely uncalled for. If he has a problem, he should discuss it with your other doctor, not treat you like a disobedient child, and I would tell him that too!